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So close, yet so far

Jefferson Morley at Salon: In his new book, “Pity the Billionaire,” Tom Frank turns his mordant eye on the unlikeliest political development of the Obama presidency: how the crash of 2008 served to strengthen the political right. The deregulation of … Continue reading

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Bunker mentality

Democrats Dare Not “Abandon” the White Working Class It’s an enduring myth of modern American politics that the white working class is what stands between Democrats and a majority. Even before the character of Archie Bunker became a liberal scapegoat … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Clinton Bashing

Even though it’s been out for a couple months now, Dan Froomkin decided to bring up Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men again: In the book, Suskind describes how Obama made the conscious choice to staff his economic team with former Clinton … Continue reading

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Bloomberg FOIA suit reveals Massive Secret Fed Loans

You have to click on this jaw-dropping article to see the interactive graphic that shows which bank got how much, and to read how the Fed and our favorite Money Men gave banks billions without Congress having a clue. Secret … Continue reading

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Poor Baby

The new Mitt Romney Ad: I’m no fan of Mitt Romney, but he may actually have an idea of what it would take to unseat Obama. The ad itself is pretty boiler plate stuff about how he’ll fix everything and … Continue reading

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Finally! Occupy Congress

Next up: `Occupy Congress’ One of the enduring questions about Occupy Wall Street has been this: Can the energy unleashed by the movement be leveraged behind a concrete political agenda and push for change that will constitute a meaningful challenge … Continue reading

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Sacred Tropes and Right-Wing Cows

Sister Toldjah: Remember when Barack Obama was upset at the bonuses paid to AIG execs? […] When the bubble burst in 2007, Fannie and Freddie began to lose billions of dollars of investments in mortgage-backed securities (MBS) guarantees. In September … Continue reading

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