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How Did We Get Here?

Almost 9 years ago I got told to sit down and STFU. I didn’t go quietly or complacently. I did what I normally did at that time, which was to continue to participate in the general political conversation. For probably … Continue reading

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New Lines are Being Drawn

By the time you read this post, a unity rally in Paris will be winding down. On Saturday over 700,000 people rallied in France in response to the Charlie Hebdo affair, and more than a million, among them the heads … Continue reading

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#Truthy: a scheme out Goebbel’s Christmas Wish List

This story was mentioned in the comments a couple of days ago: Feds spend $1 million on 'Truthy' to track misinformation on #Twitter. — MB's AllTw!tter (@alltwtr) August 27, 2014 From the tweeted link: In the future the … Continue reading

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Todd Kincannon is a Douchebag!

No, seriously. He’s a douchebag. BREAKING: Todd Kincannon Breaks His Silence – He’s Been Tracked & Targeted! Anyone who has encountered or followed Todd Kincannon (@todd_kincannon) on Twitter knows what a contentious character he is. Love him or hate him, … Continue reading

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Progressives Use Censorship to Establish a Monopoly in the Marketplace of Ideas

It all started when George Will wrote a column about RAPE®. Okay, it wasn’t specifically about RAPE®. It was titled Colleges become the victims of progressivism but it talked quite a bit about the alleged epidemic of sexual assault on … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech Isn’t Just A Law, It’s A Principle

It’s about damn time someone did this: Graduation speaker blasts students A commencement speaker on Sunday blasted Pennsylvania college students as “immature” and “arrogant” for protesting another speaker who then decided to withdraw. William Bowen, former president of Princeton University, … Continue reading

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The Speech Nazis Are Marching Again

Duke’s ‘You Don’t Say’ Campaign Reminds You Which Words Shouldn’t Be Used As Slang There’s no reason you should ever refer to something as “gay,” and a campaign called “You Don’t Say” at Duke University is reminding students with a … Continue reading

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It’s Groundhog Day!

It’s Groundhog Day, which means somebody on the left is trying to silence someone on the right. Jason Howerton: TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch Will Guest-Host ABC’s ‘The View’ – and the Anti-Gun Crowd Is Already Trying to Shut Her Down … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Still Living Rent-Free Inside Their Heads

This one is a two-fer. Not only did a MSLSD talking head bash Sarah Palin for having a Christmas tree (pagan idolatry!!!) but Al Sharpton and Mediaite teamed up to spread lies about her: Al Sharpton Shocked Palin Never Even … Continue reading

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