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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Hot Air: Personal intrusion in the age of politics You probably receive all sort of direct mail items during election season. We all do. You know the type… glossy, gauzy postcards highlighting the amazing qualifications of one candidate or the … Continue reading

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It’s RBC Day

Today is the day we mourn the death of democracy in the Democratic party. On this day in 2008 the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee effectively stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton and gave it to Barack Obama. In August … Continue reading

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I call bullshit!

Via Uppity Woman, here is rabid Obot and Buffoon Juice alumni “Angry Black Lady” (aka Imani Gandy): Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Legislation Permitting Employers to Interrogate Female Employees About Contraception Use A month or so ago, I wrote about … Continue reading

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Never argue with a Prog – it wastes your time and the Prog enjoys it

Vodkapundit: See, I can still talk — and even find common ground — with your average liberal. Since I’m a libertarian, we even start with some common ground, which helps immensely. […] Progressives, however, are a different creature. A nasty, … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Trolling for Women

Earlier today my friend Cynthia and I were discussing her interactions with Maha of Mahablog. I wouldn’t recommend clicking that link unless you’re in firm control of your emotions. Maha is Barbara O’Brien, the About Buddhism writer for Ironically … Continue reading

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UCLA Political Scientist says Newt Gingrich is Biggest Threat to Obama

We hear a lot of speculation from journalists who are experts at . . . uh, . . . journalism. But there actually is an academic specialty on the study of politics. It’s called “political science.” After watching in frustration … Continue reading

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The problem with men

Bill cheated on Hillary. Franklin cheated on Eleanor. John cheated on Elizabeth. Ross cheated on Rachel, but they were on a break. Anthony didn’t cheat on Huma, he just sexted and sent out pictures of his wang. Some of our … Continue reading

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Anglachel’s back!

The Sage of San Diego showed up over the holidays: A Long, Nasty Year […] I keep up with the news but have resisted the urge to comment. Pretty much everything I said back in 2008 about the wrong track … Continue reading

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Puff Piece

Michelle Obama and the Evolution of a First Lady Michelle Obama was privately fuming, not only at the president’s team, but also at her husband. In the days after the Democrats lost Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat in January 2010, Barack … Continue reading

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Purity Trolls and Other Scourges

Glenn Greenwald: Then there’s the inability and/or refusal to recognize that a political discussion might exist independent of the Red v. Blue Cage Match. Thus, any critique of the President’s exercise of vast power (an adversarial check on which our … Continue reading

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The Coming Apocalypse Ain’t Coming Yet

John W. Smart has made his predictions for next year. I’m not going to argue or quibble about them, but I do want to discuss his closing: I’ve demurred from the most drastic predictions, though a few above are scary. … Continue reading

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Circle the Wagons

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter produced a documentary about the campaign of a Texas governor with little chance of winning the nomination. That governor was George W. Bush. His father was president just 8 years earlier, John McCain was the presumptive nominee, … Continue reading

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And There’s the Purple Elephant

Right after my vague description of the purple elephant in politics, a real-life example came up. A county in Tennessee has a unique arrangement. Rural residents in Obion County do not have their own fire department. The nearby city of … Continue reading

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Bunker mentality

Democrats Dare Not “Abandon” the White Working Class It’s an enduring myth of modern American politics that the white working class is what stands between Democrats and a majority. Even before the character of Archie Bunker became a liberal scapegoat … Continue reading

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So what’s gonna happen next November and beyond? First, let’s talk about what’s NOT gonna happen. The Democrats are not going to regain control of the House. The math just isn’t there. They might pick up a few seats, but … Continue reading

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You vet your life

Imagine if every disgruntled ex-lover, ex-spouse, ex-friend and/or ex-employee in your life had the chance to dish dirt on you – to expose your deepest, darkest secrets. Affairs, flings, drug use, shoplifting, drunk driving, cheating on tests – every closet … Continue reading

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Divide and conquer

Let’s say you live in a state that is 60% white, 30% black and 10% Hispanic. If you were in charge of desegregating your state’s schools you would probably want every classroom to reflect that racial balance. But if you … Continue reading

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Inside the mind of an Obot turned OWSer

From christofpierson at Tragic Farce: Middle of the Road Rage I’m really, really not interested in the “Who’s better/more progressive/more electable/ more presidential: Hillary or Barack?” debate. From my perspective, this is irrelevant to present realities, no matter how endlessly … Continue reading

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I gotta idea!

Cheapest GOP Primary in Decade Defies Forecast Even as experts predict that the 2012 presidential race will be the most expensive in U.S. history, a funny thing is happening on the way to the Republican nomination: It’s becoming one of … Continue reading

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True colors

President Obama goes on fundraising blitz through Manhattan President Obama went on a buckraking blitz through the city Wednesday, tapping wealthy donors at three coffer-boosting fundraisers. Obama told raucous supporters he needed another term to fulfill the promise of his … Continue reading

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