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Been There, Done That

This rant from Ace should sound familiar to those of us who are former Democrats: Glenn Beck: I’m Done With the GOP Allah keeps chortling, saying, “No you guys will be back,” but I don’t think he understands. Something has … Continue reading

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Nicolle Wallace is a Back-Stabbing Bitch

Mollie Hemingway: The View From Hell: Nicole Wallace And Hostility To Conservative Women For a long time before I became a reporter, I never paid attention to bylines — the announcement of who wrote a given article. That all changed … Continue reading

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Never Again!

Kurt Schlichter at Townhall: Conservatives, Losing One Battle Doesn’t Mean We Have Lost The War I was furious that Thad Cochran slimed his way to victory, but every time we hardcore conservatives lose a battle, it seems a contingent of … Continue reading

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Please, God, Make it Stop!

This is like being in a zombie horror flick: Influential Republicans working to draft Jeb Bush into 2016 presidential race Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft former Florida governor … Continue reading

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Texas Panty Twist

I love a food fight: In surprise move, Steve Stockman challenges John Cornyn Firebrand Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman on Monday mounted a surprise primary challenge to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), setting the stage for the latest potentially explosive battle … Continue reading

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Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!

National Journal: Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party It took a tea-party insurrection that disabled the federal government and wrecked the Republican brand, but after months of handwringing, establishment Republicans are preparing to attack … Continue reading

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Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?

All they had to do to win was nothing: House Republicans Show Themselves To Be Dangerously Incompetent, Again House Republican leaders canceled plans to call a vote Tuesday evening on a Republican plan to raise the debt limit and reopen … Continue reading

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Backstabbing Republicans

Mediaite: Fox’s Wallace Stunned: GOP Leaders Sent Me Opposition Research on Ted Cruz Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said Sunday morning that he’d received opposition research from other Republicans about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in advance of Cruz’s appearance … Continue reading

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RNC ad with Obama and Newtown mother infuriates DNC The Republican National Committee (RNC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) clashed Wednesday over a new RNC ad that the DNC says cruelly exploits the Newtown shootings. The ad, called “The First … Continue reading

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This sounds like the Democrats circa 2004: GOP Chair: “We’ve Done a Really Lousy Job of Branding and Marketing Who We Are” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says the GOP has an image problem. “We’ve done a really lousy … Continue reading

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The Problem With Elephants

Caddell Unloads on ‘Racketeering’ GOP Consultants Pat Caddell, the Fox News Contributor and Democrat pollster who engineered Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential victory, blew the lid off CPAC on Thursday with a blistering attack on “racketeering” Republican consultants who play wealthy … Continue reading

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I won’t call him a contender

Hot Air: Rand Paul’s foreign policy speech: No to isolationism, no to neoconservatism, yes to containment Carve out time for the video or the transcript, as he’s already the GOP’s leading advocate after two short years in the Senate for … Continue reading

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El Foldo Grande

Like a bunch of cheap suits: House passes fiscal cliff deal, tamps down GOP revolt The House of Representatives late Tuesday easily approved emergency bipartisan legislation sparing all but a sliver of America’s richest from sharp income tax hikes — … Continue reading

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Some Unsolicited Advice For The GOP – Use Political JuJutsu

Wikipedia: Jujutsu […] is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.[1][2] The word jujutsu is often spelled as jujitsu, … Continue reading

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Prejudice, Sterotypes and Bigotry

Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart: L.A. Times Hears Racist Dog Whistles from Romney Voters Sandy Banks of the L.A. Times has figured out why anyone would vote against Barack Obama. Why, they are all racists, of course. Oh, you don’t … Continue reading

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What did you see this week?

Stick a fork in Obama. He’s done. My mom told me so. I didn’t watch every minute of this week’s Republican Convention but I caught all the important stuff and quite a bit of the not-so-important stuff too. But I’m … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio – Rising Star

Keep an eye on this guy. As they used to say in the 80’s, he has lots of “top spin.”

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Clint Eastwood – Comedy Gold

Okay, I admit it. I didn’t get it at first. I was expecting a boring celebrity endorsement speech. But when Clint first started talking I began to wonder if his cheese had slid off his cracker. Then he looked at … Continue reading

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“Damn, we’re Republicans!”

Wiki: Susana Martinez (born July 14, 1959) is the 31st and current Governor of New Mexico. Martinez, a Republican since 1995, is the first female governor of New Mexico and the first female Hispanic governor in the United States. Martinez … Continue reading

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RNC Open Thread – Paul Ryan’s Big Night

Paul Ryan gives his acceptance speech tonight. FOX cancelled Sarah Palin’s appearances. Clint Eastwood is rumored to be in Tampa. What stupid shit will MSNBC pull tonight? What will everyone be talking about tomorrow? Inquiring minds want to know.

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