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You Get A Pony, He Gets A Pony, Everybody Gets A Pony!

I can imagine the perfect health care system. You are given a card, and if you get sick or injured you go to a doctor or emergency room and present that card and they give you whatever examinations, tests, treatments, … Continue reading

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They F****d Themselves

Ron Fournier: “Dem Party is F****d.” That was the subject line of an email sent to me Sunday by a senior Democratic consultant with strong ties to the White House and Capitol Hill. The body of the email contained a … Continue reading

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Was Single-Payer the Plan All Along?

Single-payer healthcare has been in the news again lately. Some Democratic politicians like Dingy Harry and Naughty Nancy have been claiming that they originally wanted Single-payer but the Republicans wouldn’t let them so they settled for Obamacare. That story is … Continue reading

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