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Goombas, NPCs, AOC & The Squad

Uh-oh. There’s trouble in la-la land as Democrats go to Civil War with themselves. This is the best show this summer! 🤣😂🤣 It's the whole Squad! — Woke Lola (@lovelalola) July 12, 2019 This is an open thread.

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Liz, the Letter, and Lies

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve definitely heard about the 1986 Coretta Scott King letter regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions and what happened with Liz Warren when she read it on the Senate floor at circa midnight on Monday night. But … Continue reading

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Hard Times For Social Justice Warriors

John Sexton: Progressive Media Failed Again in the Brown Case The left is very good at starting racial firestorms but, like irresponsible campers leaving behind an unquenched campfire, they are not so good at putting them out. What we saw … Continue reading

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