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Dems in Chaos: Bernout Butthurt Edition

While CNN obsessed about John Miller, and the NYTs trawled through binders full of women associated with Trump, The Nevada Democratic Convention in Nevada didn’t go so well yesterday. Boxer got booed leading the Civility Brigade, told Bernouts to boo themselves out … Continue reading

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This may be the biggest piece of crap that Salon ever published

Salon continues to compete with Vox in a race for the bottom: Angry right’s secret playbook: How it uses a good story to peddle an agenda America hates This recent midterm election was my first real setback since I became … Continue reading

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Same Planet, Different Universes

This is some cray cray shit. First of all, from Spook Magazine: Meet Black Brunch In the wake of the non-indictment of the police officers responsible for the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, emergency actions have arisen across … Continue reading

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This May Be The Most Profoundly Stupid Thing Vox Has Ever Published

Epic facepalm moment from Dylan Matthews at Vox: The problem is that the deck is stacked in favor of small states, which receive equal representation in the Senate despite dramatic variance in population. The Senate is a profoundly anti-democratic body … Continue reading

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Rioting Is Not A Right

Daily Beast: A number of other cops at the protest were from the legal bureau and they were there to ensure that the law was observed and that everyone’s rights were respected. “They’re refs,” a high ranking police official later … Continue reading

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Liberal Taqiyya

Taqiyya: The Islamic doctrine of religious deception. The latest from Ayatollah Paul Krugman, the Economics Imam of Princeton and Liberal Cleric of the NYT: Secret Deficit Lovers What if they balanced the budget and nobody knew or cared? O.K., the … Continue reading

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Two Unicorns In Every Pot!

From the fever swamp called Salon: We need a new constitution: Here’s how we save American democracy from charlatans, loudmouths and the 1 percent The most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll says that a clear-cut majority is disgusted with the … Continue reading

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