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Cruzin’ With Ted

Senator Ted Cruz was busy today: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was invited on to the Rush Limbaugh Show, this afternoon, to discuss the problems with the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation. “This gang of 8 bill is a disaster”, … Continue reading

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Eat The Rich!

Stephen Green (aka Vodkapundit): We’re Number Two! The US might have the highest corporate taxes in the developed world, but if you include all the world’s nations we drop all the way down to #2. That’s right: The UAE has … Continue reading

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Damn You Mitt Romney!

Google Reportedly Dodged $2 Billion in Taxes With Bermuda Tax Haven Google managed to avoid paying about $2 billion in global income taxes last year by moving the vast majority of its pre-tax profit to a shell company in Bermuda, … Continue reading

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Nobody Wants A Haircut

INFLUENCE GAME: Tax Them, Not Us, Groups Say A big coalition of business groups says there must be give-and-take in the negotiations to avoid the “fiscal cliff” of massive tax increases and spending cuts. But raising tax rates — a … Continue reading

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Is Riverdaughter A Closeted Tea Partier?

No, seriously. Check out her latest: Then there was a new Poll Tax that was used to raise revenue for new wars. Ahhh, the military industrial complex of the middle ages. Some things never change. The tax was harsher on … Continue reading

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The Twinkie Segue

Hmmm, how can we possible use Twinkies as a segue for a post about 1950’s economic policy? Let’s ask the Shill One! The Twinkie Manifesto The Twinkie, it turns out, was introduced way back in 1930. In our memories, however, … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Birdie

Mark Steyn: Sesame Nation Apparently, Frank Sinatra served as Mitt Romney’s debate coach. As he put it about halfway through “That’s Life”: “I’d jump right on a big bird and then I’d fly . . . ” That’s what Mitt … Continue reading

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