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Not a Smidgen of Corruption?

Katie Pavlich: Judicial Watch Obtains New Documents Showing IRS Targeting Came Directly From Washington D.C. New documents obtained and released through a Judicial Watch lawsuit show the targeting of tea party and conservative groups came directly out of Washington D.C., … Continue reading

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Texas Panty Twist

I love a food fight: In surprise move, Steve Stockman challenges John Cornyn Firebrand Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman on Monday mounted a surprise primary challenge to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), setting the stage for the latest potentially explosive battle … Continue reading

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Warren Democrats = Left-Wing Tea Party?

Joan Walsh: Bye-bye, fake liberals: The Warren Democrats are winning! The backlash against an inane Op-Ed bashing Elizabeth Warren shows that “economic populism” is the way forward I am very late to the Third Way-trashing party, but that’s a story … Continue reading

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This Must Be Some Of That New Civility I Heard About

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen: Christie’s tea-party problem The day after Chris Christie, the cuddly moderate conservative, won a landslide reelection as the Republican governor of Democratic New Jersey, I took the Internet Express out to Iowa, surveying its various … Continue reading

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Progs are Cray Cray

John B. Judis at New Republic: Right-wing Populism Could Hobble America for Decades The tea party is going down. Dysfunction is not. In the Federalist Papers, James Madison promised that a large republic with a representative government would avoid the … Continue reading

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They Did It To Themselves

Ian Welsh: A brief note on why the progressive blog movement failed In the early 2000s progressive blogging seemed like a big deal. At the first Yearly Kos, as it was called then, big name politicians came and kissed our … Continue reading

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Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!

National Journal: Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party It took a tea-party insurrection that disabled the federal government and wrecked the Republican brand, but after months of handwringing, establishment Republicans are preparing to attack … Continue reading

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SHOCKER! Former Obama Speechwriter Bashes Tea Party!!!

Jon Favreau in The Daily Beast: In Official Washington, decrying “partisanship” as the “real problem” is the prerequisite for being taken seriously as a smart, unbiased political commentator. But from where we stand right now, partisanship is not the problem. … Continue reading

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Cruzin’ With Ted

Senator Ted Cruz was busy today: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was invited on to the Rush Limbaugh Show, this afternoon, to discuss the problems with the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation. “This gang of 8 bill is a disaster”, … Continue reading

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When Did The Tea Party Admit They Were Racist?

Daily Caller: Former NAACP head: Tea party ‘admittedly racist,’ ‘Taliban wing of American politics’ On Tuesday’s broadcast of Thomas Robert’s 11 a.m. MSNBC program, NAACP President Emeritus Julian Bond defended the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea party groups, which … Continue reading

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Occupy Tea Party?

Sean Hannity is not happy with Dingy Harry: Outrageous! Harry Reid blames Tea Party In a debate over sequestration cuts on the Senate floor yesterday, Democrat Harry Reid felt the need to blame the tea party. He actually compared the … Continue reading

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Is Riverdaughter A Closeted Tea Partier?

No, seriously. Check out her latest: Then there was a new Poll Tax that was used to raise revenue for new wars. Ahhh, the military industrial complex of the middle ages. Some things never change. The tax was harsher on … Continue reading

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Say what?

Via Althouse, here’s a snippet from a letter by Jim Messina, Campaign Manager for Obama for America re Iowa: The extremist Tea Party agenda won a clear victory. No matter who the Republicans nominate, we’ll be running against someone who … Continue reading

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So close, yet so far

Jefferson Morley at Salon: In his new book, “Pity the Billionaire,” Tom Frank turns his mordant eye on the unlikeliest political development of the Obama presidency: how the crash of 2008 served to strengthen the political right. The deregulation of … Continue reading

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Infidels and heretics

GOP senator says Tea Party challenges ‘killed off’ efforts at Republican majority Sen. Dick Lugar (Ind.) facing a primary contest from the right in his reelection bid said past Tea Party-backed challenges had “killed off” Republican efforts to take the … Continue reading

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The Sole of the Republican Party

I love me some Sarah Palin. She is the one true voice of the Tea Party among politicians. She started in the PTA and eventually because the governor of Alaska. She fought corruption in her own party and beat the … Continue reading

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One Shall Rise

At the Republican convention of 2008, John McCain was introduced by the first major party female candidate for Vice President in 24 years, and the first in the Republican Party. McCain sent a signal to PUMA supporters of Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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The Turd Party

When Ron Paul supporters aren’t faking attacks by Democrats, discussing their UFO abductions or whatever else they do, they do what they can to keep him relevant. Paul lost his chance to be the next GOP flavor of the week … Continue reading

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The Center Cannot Hold

We could use more hindsight these days. Three years after the fact, we learn that Henry Paulson manipulated hedge funds even before he was given the sole authority over Republican killer TARP. Around the same time, Barack Obama was running … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

Governor Reagan, who in most cases does typify his party, but in some cases there is a radical departure by him from the heritage of Eisenhower and others. -James Earl Carter If a poll were taken today, Jon Huntsman would … Continue reading

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