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Modern Day Eugenics

You really are like a modern day eugenics pimp. Sad. — Lola (@lovelalola) June 25, 2018 FYI, Charles Blow has another instant flash-classic. 🙄 In the last week, no less than 3 people who work for Trump have been hounded out … Continue reading

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Idiocy on Many Sides

I almost ignored the noise surrounding the events in Virginia yesterday. Almost. Then my mom and husband woke up from their respective naps and wanted to watch the riot porn in CNN and FOX. Switching back and forth between the … Continue reading

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Do Progs Have a Moral Compass?

Is there really such a thing as truth? Do right and wrong truly exist? Or is everything relative? Oliver Willis: Thousands and thousands of Iraqis died because George W. Bush failed to lead. We turned the page on his failed … Continue reading

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Feuding, Fussing and a-Fightin’

Robert Reich: Why the Anger? Why is the nation more bitterly divided today than it’s been in 80 years? Why is there more anger, vituperation, and political polarization now than even during Joe McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, … Continue reading

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Tribalism vs. Principles

Raw Story: Though he usually has disdain for “slippery slope” arguments, Bill Maher said on Real Time on Friday, he issue of the National Security Agency (NSA) going through private citizens’ Internet data and other personal records, was truly a … Continue reading

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