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Memorial Day Sad Tweets Open Thread

If you added Hawaii, the US would wrap around more than 70 percent of the moon's circumference — Vox (@voxdotcom) May 25, 2015 Something different for this Memorial Day. I usually post some schmaltzy stuff but I’m just … Continue reading

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Why Does It Have To Be Handled At All?

The Hill: Anti-Obama trolls fuel questions about online hate, racism Two high-profile examples of racism directed at President Obama online in the past week are shining a spotlight on the broader issue of online harassment. But it’s a problem even … Continue reading

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Overnight Open Thread: Saturday, Because Night Has Started On The East Coast !

I’m seeing references to the opening scene from the movie Les Miz from both sides of the aisle on the social medias.  I sorta think it’s spot on :)  So I found it.  What else ya’got  ?  Bring it !

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Nothing To See Here, Move Along

When I want to know what is going on in the hive mind of Obamanation, one of my favorite sources is John Cole: Molehill to Mountain Construction to Spike this Weekend Some of Hillary’s emails were released: The State Department … Continue reading

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“Reality Television” Is An Oxymoron

TRIGGER WARNING: The following post contains adult themes and may cause bad feelings in children of all ages. Do not read unless you are an emotional adult. TMZ: Josh Duggar, one of the members of the family that stars in … Continue reading

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Some days I just can’t even. Michael Brown Is Getting A Permanent Memorial In Ferguson Dozens of teddy bears that memorialized Michael Brown were removed from a site on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday afternoon. The memorial will … Continue reading

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Noncredible Witness

Ron Fournier: I Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton I don’t believe Hillary Rodham Clinton when she says—as she did at a brief news conference on Tuesday—that she has no control over the release of her State Department email. “They’re not mine. … Continue reading

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