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Hillary: Trump And His Supporters Are Bad People

I’m guessing that’s what she said. I didn’t watch it. I’m re-watching the “Red Wedding” episode of GOT instead. It’s pretty clear that the media is coordinating with Hillary’s campaign to put out the “Trump is Alt-Right, and the Alt-Right … Continue reading

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Blame Whitey!

Hillary at the NAACP convention: Monday in Cincinnati at the 107th NAACP convention, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said white Americans need to “recognize our privilege and and practice humility.” Clinton said, “We white Americans need to do a … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Rest For The Triggered

Ain’t that the truth. I think someone is working on a post. This open thread is to tide us over until then.

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Drama Queen of the Day

Wow. Just wow. Trish Regan: It’s not clear they’re sending a majority of their money to charity, at least from the financial records. Jehmu Greene: That’s just not correct. It’s going to operating costs because it’s an operating foundation… I’m … Continue reading

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A Smoking Gun?

For over twenty years defenders of Bill and Hillary Clinton have claimed that despite the allegations that have been made there was no proof that they had done anything illegal. And that is almost kinda sorta true. (Except for the … Continue reading

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Overnight Thread: Florence Foster Jenkins Edition :)

H/T Leslie. This looks like a fun movie! “Howard Woliwitz” sighting ! How cute is he🙂

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Trump Can’t Say That, Can He?

Welcome to today’s fauxrage: Trump threatens to ‘tell the real story’ about Morning Joe ‘clowns’ Donald Trump laced into the hosts of MSNBC’s morning show anew on Monday, accusing one of co-hosts of being “neurotic” and a “mess” and both … Continue reading

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