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Identity Politics = Tribal Warfare

Chris Cilizza, via Lulu: America’s new cycle of partisan hatred After a political rally this week in which Democrats criticized the Obama administration for siding with Republicans on trade, I had a talk about the future of the party with … Continue reading

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WTF Friday Facepalm

WTF?? Obama: Equal pay for first ladies too President Barack Obama used anecdotal evidence of his female-dominated household to connect with women during a town hall Wednesday, adding that “there is clearly not equal pay in the White House.” “Let … Continue reading

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The Hillary Mulligan

Elliesmom made this comment yesterday: So on another topic – I’ve been doing a blogaround visiting some of the blogs I used to frequent in 2008. A lot of them have closed the shutters, but a lot of them are … Continue reading

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Well, almost. Sometime this morning we will reach the 3 million hit mark. Not bad for a shitty little blog run by a petulant clown. But I can’t take all the credit. This is a (small) online community. Without all … Continue reading

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Jezebel: Transgender Man Could Be Men’s Health’s Next ‘Ultimate Guy’ If he maintains his significant lead Men’s Health’s “Ultimate Guy Search,” 27-year-old Aydian Dowling could be the magazine’s first transgender cover model. He spoke with People about the “outpouring of … Continue reading

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Happy Tax Day!

I am almost positive that the above graphic is horribly racist but I still lol’ed. This is an open thread.

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Babies Are Totes Inconvenient And Stuff

From the raw sewage that is called Salon: “Girls” star Jemima Kirke shares her heart-rending abortion story: “I had to empty my checking account” It was early in the series that HBO’s “Girls” included abortion as a storyline, when Jemima … Continue reading

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