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The Fat Lady Sings For Cruz And Kasich

Cruz quitTED last night, and Kasich is throwing in the towel today. This is great news for Marco Rubio. (Just kidding.) Now that their dream of snatching the nomination from Trump at a contested convention is dead, the #NeverTrumps are … Continue reading

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Insane Policies

And by “insane” I mean “schizophrenic”. Jazz Shaw: One of the more frustrating aspects of what passes for economic analysis these days is the accepted principle that the old days are gone and “the good jobs aren’t coming back.” We’re … Continue reading

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Sweet Jesus, I Turn 70 this year? F**k !

Overnight musings, have been in touch with about 20 of my high school pals since graduation, social media made it easier. Crap, we turned 70 this year, most of our classmates are dead now, hello, Vietnam and other stuff, damn, … Continue reading

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Don’t Hug Your Pug

Some times we need to put aside partisan politics and discuss really important stuff. Dogs really don’t like to be hugged Dogs might be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they’re into cuddling. According to a new study from … Continue reading

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Weekend Open Thread !

Too soon?  I kid😉  Because nothing’s going to beat this Friday News Dump. EVER…. H/T

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Anti-Trump Riot In Costa Mesa

I’m pretty sure it was all Trump’s fault.

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The First Time I Read That Tweet I Thought It Said “What Titties They Have”

No matter how much makeup they wear, what titles they have, what star power they possess, confront all Trump shills mercilessly. — Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) April 28, 2016 Apparently this goober is a Ted Cruz supporter. I really don’t think … Continue reading

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