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here's me masturbating to Donald Trump wanting Sarah Palin in his administration #ItWasGoodForMe — Kaili Joy Gray (@KailiJoy) July 28, 2015 I’m on vacation. This is an open thread. There is nothing more vomit inducing than rich white men … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Tuesday Open Thread

Shep Smith via The New Yorker, so it must be true !  Head’s up North Westies.

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UPDATED! Is the Planned Parenthood Hack a Hoax?

Update (9:35 pm EST): In comments I made a reference to a racist term being used as an admin login. That word is via the 3301 website, and the login is “ppuat_admin: niggers1.” Directly underneath that is “alan: password.” I don’t … Continue reading

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Open Thread – Land of Confusion Edition

Not much has changed since the 80’s, just the players  :D  Happy Monday !

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The Rise of the “Radical Middle”

This is an Open Thread.

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It’s Called “Capitalism”

I’d love to hear Riverdaughter’s take on this: Drug Prices Soar, Prompting Calls for Justification As complaints grow about exorbitant drug prices, pharmaceutical companies are coming under pressure to disclose the development costs and profits of those medicines and the … Continue reading

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Just a short one cuz I’m still recoopin’ and these vicoden make me fuzzy. WaPo: The rise of Black Lives Matter has presented opportunities for Clinton and her opponents, who are seeking to energize black voters to build on the … Continue reading

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