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Bullshit Level: INSANE

BEWARE OF BULLSHIT!!! There is way too much bullshit flying around right now. It’s like the Mother of All Tornadoes hit the Father of All Dairy Farms. It is being flung in all directions from every point on the compass. … Continue reading

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This is unfuckingbelievable! An Ohio woman not wearing a mask at a middle school football game was arrested after an encounter with a police officer who reportedly used a Taser before handcuffing her. Video posted of the incident showed the … Continue reading

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One Itty-Bitty Fish

Every deluge begins with a single drop of rain. Sean Davis at The Federalist: A top FBI lawyer who fabricated evidence in a federal spy warrant against Trump campaign affiliate Carter Page is expected to plead guilty to federal charges … Continue reading

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Our Nation Owes A Debt Of Gratitude To Those Heroic . . . Uh . . . Journalists?

President Trump, per the pooler: "I hear the Coast Guard saved … almost 11,000 people by going into winds the media would not go into." — David Gura (@davidgura) September 2, 2017 We were literally on the helicopter with them … Continue reading

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Trump Hits Syria

As if you didn’t already know: U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack The United States launched dozens of cruise missiles Thursday night at a Syrian airfield in response to what it believes was Syria’s use of … Continue reading

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Our Long National Nightmare Is (Almost) Over

Hillary conceded. It’s over.

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