Superbowl Sunday, It’s Mah Birthday! (Open Thread)

The Superbowl is 50 and I’m now officially 45. A quarterback just slightly younger than me is hoping to end his career on a high, while an up-and-comer half my age is hoping to take him out. Should be storybook either way.

I think it’s going to be a bloodbath, personally, but I hold out hope that the good guys will win. Mostly there’s a collective national sigh of relief that the Pats aren’t in it this year (with apologies to PMM).

Beyonce is apparently taking the halftime lead with a muddled moaner about her mother’s Quadroon pedigree and police brutality. In the video above she parades in plenty of lingerie and drowns a police car. (h/t DeniseVB) Who knows what’s going to happen on the FB field with her show….

Note that this is the year they stopped using Roman numerals and started using regular numbers. I guess that’s how dumbed down America truly is now….

So, who’s your team? This is an open thread….

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Why I Don’t Watch Debates


How many undecided voters in New Hampshire watched the debate last night? How many of the people who watched the debate last night already knew who they were going to vote for?

How many minds were changed last night?

I used to watch this stuff religiously. Then I lost my religion. Debates and other political events are performances. They are all about perception, opinion, and spin. Unlike the football game we will be watching today, there are no rules setting forth how debates are won or lost. There is no official score. There is lots of instant replay however.

The conventional wisdom/media narrative is that Marco Rubio lost the debate last night. But the reality is that he is no more or less qualified to be POTUS than he was yesterday.

On Tuesday there will be some votes cast. A relatively minuscule number of votes in an otherwise inconsequential state. The bloviating gasbags will tell us what it all means. Then the media’s attention will shift to South Carolina and Nevada for a couple weeks.

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Mind. Blown.

I need to get me some Jedi mittens.

Open thread.

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Somebody Finally Noticed!


So what if it is eight years too late?

Jonathan Martin in The Weakly Standard:

One of the common misperceptions about the 2008 campaign is that Hillary Clinton gacked the nomination like a kicker pushing a 30-yard field goal into the sidelines. This is not quite right. She made a critical miscalculation in not spending enough to organize several small-state caucuses. That hurt her dearly. But she also suffered from several factors beyond her control: the left’s continuing rejection of the Iraq war, the media’s complicity in keeping John Edwards viable until he could wound her in Iowa, and the total solidarity of African-American voters with Barack Obama. Because of these developments, the Democratic party establishment abandoned her at the first opportunity, taking with it superdelegates, endorsements, and a giant pile of money, all of which it eagerly transferred to Obama. And despite all of this, Clinton still won more Democratic primary votes than Obama did— only to find out that the party of Al Gore was suddenly obsessed with procedural technicalities and no longer cared about raw vote totals.

The fact that she was able to win more votes than Obama in the face of such adversity is testament to her political grit. Clinton began that race as a soft, liberal feminist. But when it became clear that this coalition was no longer enough to win the nomination, she went out and assembled a new one on the fly. Always remember: When Barack Obama mocked Americans who bitterly cling to their guns and religion, he was talking about Clinton’s voters.

If I had the chance to do it over again I would not have voted for Hillary. I would not have voted for any of the Democrats. But that does not change the fact that I DID vote for Hillary and that my vote was STOLEN by a corrupt Democrat party.

Yes, I am still bitter.

This is an open thread.

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Those Racist Trump Supporters

BizPac Review:

A black high school student spent the day volunteering at a Donald Trump campaign office to put to rest any doubt that he is free to criticize Trump and his supporters of being racist.

Or at least, from high school Junior James Patterson’s questionable description about his experience, that’s what it appears.

Despite admitting that his fellow “white” volunteers were “very friendly” and “normal,” he made the stretch to fit them into his narrow prism of progressive ideology.

Seemingly shocked that no one called him “the n-word” or “coon,” as he told the far-left media group The Young Turks, he claimed he felt “micro-aggressions.”

“For lack of a better word, it’s micro-aggressions,” Patterson said. “You know, the way they look at you. The way they talk about foreign policy and how they talk about oppressed groups when they don’t think you’re listening.”

He added more of what he assumed about the Trump phenomenon, saying white middle-class America feels threatened because they see minorities “making strides.”

Those white devils are sneaky. They go around not doing or saying anything racist, but you know they’re thinking it! Only the hardest of the hard core racists would do that.

Here is the latest from Salon:

The Trump voters aren’t a new phenomenon.

Donald Trump’s performance in this year’s Iowa caucuses was identical to Pat Buchanan’s in 1996: second place, enjoying the support of approximately one in four Republican caucus-goers. Trump’s campaign, like Buchanan’s, is powered by the resentment and anxiety of the white working class.

Trump is this year’s celebrity mascot for the Buchanan boys.

The Buchanan boys are economically and socially frustrated white men who wish to be economically supported by the federal government without enduring the stigma of welfare dependency. So they construct for themselves a story in which they have been victimized by elites and a political system based on interest-group politics that serves everyone except them. Trump is supported by so-called white nationalists, as Buchanan was before him, but the swastika set is merely an extreme example of the sort of thinking commonly found among those to whom Trump appeals.

Oh, wait! Did I say that was the latest from Salon?

My bad!

That was from Kevin Williamson at National Review. Apparently the GOPe is now recycling old racist left wing stereotypes about white people to use against the GOP base.

Meanwhile, on a personal note, I have been informed that as of last night I have another grandniece. I’m not sure how many this makes.

Charlotte Renay - 8 lbs 12 oz. 20 3/4 in long

Charlotte Renay – 8 lbs 12 oz. 20 3/4 in long

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Welcome To Thunderdome!


I was gone for most of yesterday. I had to drive up to Sac’to to pick up my middle child (The Artist) at the airport cuz he was flying in from Sea/Tac for a visit.

So I missed a lot of the “fun”. Well, I can’t say I missed it, Jim. The worst part is that we haven’t even reached Peak Stupid yet. (If Donald Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize then we’re there.)

The election of 2008 was a particularly ugly year, but for the most part the candidates themselves played nice and let their henchmen and henchwomen do the dirty work. This year has turned into a melee, with everybody biting, kicking and eye-gouging everybody else.

This could be the Best Election Ever.


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Scott Adams’ Master Persuader Filter Thesis (NOW with more detail!)

trump_donald_blue skies

Iowa-schmyowa. I wouldn’t count Donald Trump out just yet. (Or Bernie for that matter. Bernie closed a 50-point polling gap in half a year.) Trump is down one delegate to Cruz after the dust settled on the caucuses. Despite the media’s push to write yet another Trump obituary, he’s actually well-positioned to keep on winning. Keep in mind that I’m no Trump fan and I don’t have a dog in the 2016 race. This is the suckiest presidential election I’ve ever seen, for the record.

Now, Dilbert creator Scott Adams has been writing about the Trump campaign using the Master Persuader Filter (MPF) for a while. Lots of us have been reading his stuff, and it’s pretty compelling. But Adams ain’t a politico; this is a new game for him, and it shows.

Adams has written tens of thousands of words, without saying much at all. He wants you to believe that Trump is a genius marketer and that he can win an election for president using his marketing skills. Adams says Trump can entertain you, like a movie, right into the White House. He likes to say he saw it, and you will too, once he explains. But then he offers some pretty shaky observations most of the time.

Example: Look at this odd word!!! Have you EVER seen GAMBIT used to describe an election tactic before?

Answer: Fuck yes. See Obama 2008…Chess has about 500 possible gambits, bro. Politics has more. #IJS

But this is not a critique of Scott Adams’ political blogging skills, which clearly need to a little polish. It’s about Trump and exactly how he is using his marketing skills to refute every prediction the media throws at him.

The Problem: Trump had high unfavorability ratings, just like Hillary Clinton.

The Solution: Fight the media, which had and has lower favorability ratings than Trump  or Clinton. Trump’s numbers have improved significantly since June; Hillary’s and the media’s haven’t budged.

Trump walked into the contest with a poll showing only 16 percent of Republicans viewed him favorably while 65 percent viewed him unfavorably.

But when Trump touched off controversy, his favorability skyrocketed, and by mid-July that same ABC/Washington Post poll found that 57 percent of Republicans viewed him favorably.

Note that’s a jump from 16% to 57%, over 40 points, in just a month. It’s gone up since then, standing at 68% by late January 2016. Yes, his national numbers compete with Hillary Clinton’s national unfavorable, but he has a much greater party share than she does. He’s got the GOP sewn up; the converse is not true for Clinton. She needs independents much more than he does.

Trump only needs 5o.001% of voters, unless Bloomberg or another credible third party candidate jumps in. Then he’ll need less.

The Problem: FOX News is Unfair and Unbalanced.

The Solution: Pick a fight with one of the most fair and balanced (and aggressive) reporters there, then use the argument as a stand-your-ground moment that can double as a campaign event. Still get covered plenty by FOX News.

Do I need to even explain this? You are all familiar with the constant bitching by vile progs about FOX News. You are all well aware of the slap-fight Trump had with Megyn Kelly. And I dare say you all are already aware that he won that stand off when he refused to attend the debate. He drew 2.7 million viewers away from the debate, and had every single inch of other media covering him for 48 hours surrounding the debate. He even managed to make FOX sympathetic to the left for a minute, a chit he’s sure to call in later.

The Problem: The GOP is unpopular. The GOP can’t win elections. The GOP needs to win this race to stay viable and forestall Democratic dominance for a generation.

The Solution: The GOP doesn’t like Trump. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. This works with some factions of Republicans and Democrats alike with regard to Trump.

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