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Long overdue as a regular feature, let’s have some fun ! Tinfoilwear is optional 😀

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MOOT – The Walls Are Closing In Edition

A little flashback to October 2018 and the last days of the presidency of poor, doomed Donald J. Trump. That arrogant fool actually thought he could beat the Deep State. President Pelosi has demonstrated that she has no intention of making the same mistake. Using her first official act to order the arrest of Trump, his children, the entire staff of Fox News, and all the top people in his administration shocked a few people, but they won’t be causing any trouble down there in Gitmo. Informed sources say that former VP Pence is still resisting his Straight Conversion Therapy.

Unleashing Antifa on the MAGA protestors was smart because it gave her plausible deniability. Using the Army to crush Antifa as soon as the MAGAs were gone was a stroke of genius.

The clip below demonstrates that SNL has chosen to atone for being funny and mocking Democrats.

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Bias? What Bias?

It is really unfair to suggest that our news media leans to the Left. That implies that the media is in the middle. The news media long ago gave up any pretense of neutrality or even-handedness. There is exactly ONE conservative news network. There is another one that is in the middle, but because the rest of the media is way out on the lunatic fringe Left, they look like they are right-wingers.

There are several Left-wing news divisions plus two far-left news networks. Then there is NPR. There is conservative talk radio, and maybe one conservative newspaper. Last but not least, there are some Right-wing news outlets on the internet.

How big is the imbalance? Conservatives still have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, but Leftists OWN Facebook and Twitter. In the Age of Cyberspace, the only place that conservatives have a strong presence is on the radio. And the Left is constantly seeking to shut down the few voices that remain. Movies? Television? Music? Fuhgeddaboutit.

The Left’s domination of the flow of information allows them to spin, misinform, and lie with impunity. Here’s yesterday’s editorial from John Diaz, editor of the SF Chronicle:

Yet there was another factor lurking in the air that could have a more profound effect on the 2020 Democratic primary: the impeachment inquiry involving President Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine’s president to investigate front-runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

While there is no evidence that the Bidens broke any law, Trump and his surrogates have been pounding a counterattack that there must be something corrupt in the son being paid $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian natural gas company. For all the flaws in the conspiracy theories — or the hypocrisy of Trump trying to fault anyone else’s kids for trading on a powerful father’s name — the drumbeat against Biden could have a negative effect on his campaign. Some voters may accept the GOP talking points uncritically, some may be unclear on the details but nevertheless suspicious, and some may simply be exhausted by the continuous loop of allegations and investigations and be ready for a fresh face.

There was no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, but that didn’t stop Robert Mueller from hounding the President for almost three years. In all that time I saw countless articles about Russian collusion. Do you know how many times I saw a sentence like this one?:

While there is no evidence that the Trumps broke any law . . .

I saw routine disclaimers like that ZERO times. Trump was presumed guilty. Guilty of everything. As far as Leftists are concerned, Trump is the personification of mens rea. His intentions are all bad. That’s how we know if Trump does something good he was doing it for the wrong reasons.

Joe Biden is the exact opposite of Trump. Joe Biden cannot tell a lie. Joe is such an all-around good guy that the dirtiest word Joe knows is “malarky.” Joe loves people. Especially kids. It can truly be said that Joe Biden has touched more lives than any other Senator in history.

The first time I read this I doublechecked to make sure I wasn’t reading The Onion of Babylon Bee:

While there is no evidence that the Bidens broke any law, Trump and his surrogates have been pounding a counterattack that there must be something corrupt in the son being paid $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian natural gas company.

If you’re like me, $50,000 a month sounds like a lot of money.  But if you live in Washington DC (like Hunter Biden) or San Francisco (like John Diaz) where the cost of living is higher than Willie Nelson’s dog, you would know that $50,000 a month income won’t even qualify you to rent a studio apartment.  The best bet for SFians in that income bracket is to rent a parking space for their car and then live in their car.  Either that or commute from Nevada.

All the people making a big deal over Hunter Biden’s income are ignoring the obvious explanation:

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Sunday Open Thread

The sun is rising, We’ll be okay

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Deplorables Are The Red-Headed Step-Children of the GOP

Getting ready for the big game at Dandy Tiger’s place.

Why do so many RW pundits feel the need to take gratuitous shots at Trump and Trump supporters? Check out this piece from David Marcus in The Federalist:

It’s Not A Crime For Trump To Ask China And Ukraine To Investigate Biden

President Trump threw a glass of cold water over the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives today by essentially stipulating to the main allegation being made against him. In fact, he doubled down on it.

Asked about what he wants Ukrainian President Volomydyr Zelensky to do about Hunter Biden’s business dealings there Trump said, “I would recommend that they start an investigation into the Bidens.” He also suggested that China should open a similar investigation. But what Trump was mostly saying is that he is the president and there is nothing wrong with saying such things to foreign leaders.

The issue of whether the president may urge foreign leaders to conduct investigations of American citizens running for office has now become the crux of the impeachment inquiry. Long gone now are allegations of any quid pro quo with Zelensky. That ship sailed when the transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian leader offered no evidence that the president was offering military aid as a carrot, which was the initial allegation.

Now Democrats insist that no quid pro quo is needed to prove a high crime or misdemeanor occurred during the phone call. Instead, they insist, this is a question of an illegal campaign contribution. They seem to be suggesting that Trump was asking the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on his political rival Joe Biden, rather than asking them to root out corruption that allegedly involved his son Hunter Biden, and potentially the former vice president himself.

But is that a high crime or misdemeanor? We know that Hunter Biden took an extremely lucrative job from a Ukrainian energy concern for which he had no relevant experience. Is it really so strange for Americans to want to know if what he was really offering was access to the vice president?

Likewise we know that Hunter Biden traveled to China with his father on Air Force Two in 2013, and that during that trip he met with a Chinese banker, and 10 days after the trip the Chinese granted a license for a new fund on which Hunter was a board member.

Perhaps these are just coincidences. Perhaps Hunter Biden possesses some vast expertise in business that he honed while snorting cocaine during his time in the Navy. But it does not seem completely unreasonable to imagine his proximity to the White House might have played a role in his hiring.

That brings us back to President Trump. Trump clearly feels that something untoward and perhaps illegal occurred regarding Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China. In regard to the former, he received information from attorney Rudy Giuliani raising questions about the firing of a prosecutor investigating the company where the younger Biden worked. So the question is, is it illegal for Trump to ask foreign leaders to look into it?

The answer to this question seems to almost certainly be no. In fact, the closest thing the Democrats can pin to the president is a vague campaign finance violation. Is it tacky? Does it violate norms? Yes, probably, but it is just as plausible that Trump wanted answers about family members in the Obama administration getting sweet deals from foreign governments as it is that he was trying to damage a potential political rival.

First of all, this article is poorly written. The author is rambling and unfocused, which makes it sound like something I would write. But I don’t get paid to write, he does. The headline is horrible. Saying that something is “not a crime” is probably the worst possible way to say that something is legal.

But I want to talk about the end of that passage.

Is it tacky? Does it violate norms? Yes, probably

Tacky? I’m pretty sure the author did not mean it was sticky to the touch, like glue or paint that wasn’t dry yet.

adjective INFORMAL
adjective: tacky; comparative adjective: tackier; superlative adjective: tackiest
showing poor taste and quality.
“even in her faintly tacky costumes, she won our hearts”
Similar: tawdry tasteless kitsch vulgar crude garish gaudy showy loud trashy cheap nasty common
Opposite: tasteful refined
early 19th century: of unknown origin. Early use was as a noun denoting a horse of little value, later applied to a poor white in some Southern states of the US, hence ‘shabby, cheap, in bad taste’ (mid 19th century).

Do you think that the use of “tacky” to describe what Trump did was an accident? I don’t.

This is a form of virtue signaling. But who is he signaling to? It certainly isn’t us. It’s not Trump either. If he was signaling to us or to Trump, he would only use one finger.

Dave Marcus is a journalist in NYC. He is working in an occupation that is dominated by Leftists in a city that is infested with rats and liberals. I’m guessing that he has friends that are liberals, and those friends are horrified that he writes for a conservative magazine.

He probably hears stuff like this all the time:

Dave, you seem like a decent guy. How can you possibly support Donald Trump?

And I bet Dave tells them he doesn’t support Trump, he just reports on him. I’m guessing that Dave was virtue-signaling to his friends. Conforming to the group is something humans do very naturally. Maybe Dave has lived in NYC too long. He’s gone native.

Support for and hatred of Donald Trump are both heavily influenced by your socio-economic status. The demographic that hates Trump the most are white liberals. Specifically, Big City YUPPIES. Being a Leftist involves lots of virtue-signaling. And you gotta stay current on what’s in and what’s out. Imagine if you were picking up food for a meeting of local Democrat activists, and, unaware of the boycott, you picked up enough Chik-fil-A for 20 or 30 people.

Virtue-signaling is a religious rite for Leftists. It is not enough that you do not sin. You must show your wokeness, for it is by being woke that you will find salvation. Ask Cosmo Kramer what could happen if you go to a march but you don’t wear the pin.

One good way to show your wokeness is by denouncing Donald Trump and/or his supporters. Calling white people racists is always an option. For reasons I don’t understand Jew-bashing is considered virtue-signaling too.

To the RW pundits and NT weenies: Knock off the shit. You lost. If you’re not going to support Trump, GTFO. It sure would be nice if the pundits claiming to be conservative Republicans were required to defend the party and the ideology. But I’d settle for ending the gratuitous Trump and Trump supporter bashing. That’s when you have a post that is completely unrelated to Trump but you find a way to take a couple cheap shots at him anyway.

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MAGA Friday Open Thread

What have we learned the past week or so? We learned that The Swamp does not intend to go quietly. We have learned that the Democrats would rather destroy this nation than give up power. And we learned that the Deep State really does exist. The so-called “whistleblower” (WB) described it in his nonsensical hearsay “complaint.”

The Intelligence Community (IC) is completely corrupted. So is the State Department. Trump has an Augean Stables-sized clean-up problem. He cannot trust IC or State Dept. employees (including managers and political appointees) to carry out his orders or follow his policies. He cannot trust them to keep classified information secret, nor can he trust them to tell him the full and complete truth.

I remember the stories I’ve heard about the old USSR. The KGB listened in the phone calls of virtually everybody, especially party leaders, Politburo members, military officers, and government officials. In those days the USSR maintained stability with their own version of the separation of powers. Power was divided between the Communist Party, the military, and the security apparatus.

Back then, leaking something to the Soviet media was a waste of time. So if you were in the Red Army and you wanted to sabotage something the Party was doing, you had to leak it to Western Intelligence. Here in America, you would just leak it to the news media. Leak Culture is so pervasive in Washington DC that there is such a thing as an “official leak.”

This past week we’ve seen leak culture taken to a whole new level, which is somehow Trump’s fault. (He made them do it.) Stuff that was kept on the most secure server the government has is getting leaked to the media. This kind of shit has got to stop. The IC is reporting everything Trump says and does to the Democrats, and leaking it to the news media.

Of course they only leak the stuff that makes Trump look bad.

The shrinking and shrieking NeverTrump contingent thinks they can make all this bad stuff go away by getting rid of Trump. But the Left does not just want to get rid of Trump, they want to discredit and punish the people who elected him. (That would be us.)

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be discredited and punished. I don’t want to find out just how crazy the Democrats are these days. But the Democrats have made taking our guns away a top priority. If and when they succeed in disarming us, we’ll find out what they are really like. That a question I would prefer not finding out the answer to.

Trump needs to clean house. If I was Trump I would start by booting every IC and State Dept employee out of the White House. Don’t let any of them back in until they have been screened by someone Trump can trust. Trying to prosecute any of them is a waste of time – Trump can’t trust the DOJ to prosecute and even if they did some Obama judge would kick the case out.

The Democrats forget the lesson of the filibuster. Harry Reid effectively killed the filibuster for a short-term gain. Then the GOP took the Senate, the Cocaine Mitch made them pay, especially in the area of judicial confirmations.

Whatever the Democrats do now will come back to haunt them someday. Soon, every POTUS will get impeached. If you want to see some bipartisanship and some speedy and efficient government, be there in the US Capitol Bldg. when a congressional pay raise comes thru.

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Did The Democrats Set A Trap For President Trump?

Are Nasty Nancy and Sacka Schiff hoping to entrap Trump?

Three items to consider:

1. When Bill Clinton testified in a deposition in the Paula Jones lawsuit he was ambushed with questions about Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton did what most married men would do when questioned about their sidepiece: he lied. Unfortunately for Slick Willie, Paula Jones’ lawyer had set a perjury trap. Lying under oath is called perjury. Ken Starr was supposedly investigating Whitewater, but he was allowed to add Monica to the list of things he was investigating. One of the four articles of impeachment that were filed in the House was the allegation that Old Billy lied under oath. But that count was not passed by the House.  Contrary to popular belief, Clinton was not impeached for lying about a blowjob.

2. During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, there were lots of discussions as to whether Saddaam had weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) The Bush administration claimed that Hussein was trying to buy uranium to make bombs,A guy named Joe Wilson went to Niger to see if Hussein was buying uranium (aka “yellowcake”) in Africa. When he returned he published an OpEd in the NYT contradicting the Bush Administration.

The Bushies were pissed. Then Richard Armitage told Robert Nowak that Wilson’s wife (Valerie Plame) was CIA. This triggered an investigation. Armitage was not charged with anything, but VP Cheney’s assistant (Scooter Libby) was nailed for lying.

3. One of the reasons that Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian Collusion took so long was that Mueller (or whoever was really in charge) was hoping that they could ensnare Trump in a perjury trap or get him to do something they could call “obstruction of justice.”


It was just over a week ago when I thought to myself that things seemed to be starting to calm down in Washington D.C. A lot of Democrats had pinned their hopes on Mueller, but that longshot didn’t pay off. Kavanaugh II was the lamest sequel ever, and it was time for politicians to get busy raising campaign donations. We’ve dropped to double digits in shopping days until Christmas.

In early January 1968 in Vietnam, Military Command Saigon did not anticipate any trouble during the Tet holiday.

Oh, well.

So the shit hit the fan, but it was a tiny turd and the fan was moving slow. The Democrats were doing the Batusi over a letter they had never seen. They talked a lot about stuff that could be in the letter, and stuff Trump might do. I thought the show was over When Trump announced he was releasing both the letter and the fake whistleblower complaint. Queen Botoxi came running out to announce that the House was opening an impeachment inquiry. Except she really didn’t. The House never voted All she really most sincerely did was give her two henchmen (Bugeyes and Gunt) carte blanche to harass anyone who supports Trump, is named Trump, and/or has a name that rhymes with “Trump.”

Then yesterday we learned that Bugeyes was aware of the whistleblower before anyone else, and may have given the WB guidance on working the system

Maybe it’s just me, but something doesn’t smell right.

Do the Democrats really plan to impeach Trump over a phone call in which he did nothing wrong? They would have to be very, very stupid to do that, and you should never assume that your opponent is stupid. So assuming they are both reasonably intelligent and sane (M’Naghten Rule) then what are they up to? When assessing the Democrat leadership I do not assume that they are motivated or restrained by any moral principles, religious beliefs, or patriotism. I do not assume that they are restrained by law either. They are motivated by two things and two things only – money and power. (When you think about it, money and power are basically the same thing, because if you have one you have the other.)

Democrats are restrained by the fear of losing money and power. They care about their official constituents only to the extent that under our system they need to win elections to stay in power. They care far more about their unofficial constituents – the Malefactors of Great Wealth who supply the money they crave.

Does anybody honestly believe that Donald Trump does not already know the identity of the whistleblower, as well as the identity of some if not all of his anonymous co-conspirators? If Trump doesn’t know it is because he does not want to know.

What would happen if Trump disclosed the identity of the whistleblower? What if he had the whistleblower arrested? What if the whistleblower was exposed and then murdered? Do you think that the Democrats would call that an impeachable offense?

The Democrats believe that Donald Trump is impulsive and easily angered. They have no respect for his intelligence either. Could they be hoping to lure or goad Trump into taking some action vis-à-vis the whistleblower they could use against him the same way that Robert Mueller hoped to get Trump to lie under oath or obstruct justice?

Although the whistleblower’s identity remains a secret officially, there are a number of clues to his identity that would make it relatively easy for someone in the White House to figure it out. There are a relatively small number of possible suspects. I would start by checking access logs on the computers to find out who has been doing searches for stuff relating to the Ukraine phone call. If the White House doesn’t have that ability then their security is deficient.

If the Democrats were hoping to bait Trump into acting supidly they seem to have failed. Don’t be surprised if the whistleblower’s identity is soon leaked to the media by the Democrats who then accuse Trump of doing it. I wouldn’t rule out the whistleblower getting Epsteined either.

Last but not least, if it comes to a showdown where the Democrats have to pee or get off the pot on impeachment, the whistleblower will likely refuse to appear and testify. His attorneys will claim he is afraid of Trump but what he really fears is the investigation and cross-examination that coming forward would allow. If he refused to testify the Democrats would not be exposed as liars who were complicit in trying to overthrow our duly elected President.

The Democrat leadership isn’t stupid, but a lot of their voters sure are.

“What are we gonna do tonight?”
“The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!”

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