DNC Unity Night In Philly

dumpster fire

Say what you will about the rowdy Republican convention last week, but the GOP delegates didn’t start booing every time someone mentioned Donald Trump.

A raucous Democratic National Convention opened Monday night under conditions previously found only in paperback political thrillers.

The chair of the Democratic Party was almost literally booed away entirely. The city was on a sweltering, soaked and locked-down edge. A massive email hack of the Democratic National Committee was being blamed on the Russians.

A night that was intended to showcase Democratic unity instead exposed the opposite. Mere mentions of the names of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine drew jeers and worse from delegates early on.

The Best Election Ever just keeps getting better and better.

Did Bill Clinton bring a date?

Did Bill Clinton bring a date?

Judging by the speeches, Donald Trump has been in charge the last eight years and we need to elect Hillary to keep the good times rolling in Obama’s third term. Oh, and Donald Trump is a big mean poo-poo head. Did I mention that Donald Trump is a poopy fascist?

Seriously, the Democrat’s message is completely incoherent. One minute they are praising Obama’s wonderful leadership, then the next minute they are saying we need to elect Hillary to fix the mess we are in. Either way, Trump has cooties.

Meanwhile, here’s Paul Simon performing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for the Dem delegaters:

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Taking Bets: Will #DemsInPhilly Explode Tonight or Tomorrow?


The speakers are all yelling and giving the crowd the evil eye so far. This is shaping up to be the greatest show on earth, and that’s not a compliment. Pass the popcorn.


This is an open thread. The last one was getting pretty full.

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Hell No, DNC, We Won’t Vote for Hillary! #BernTheWitch

Bernie supporters protest in Philly the day before the DNC convention

Bernie supporters at #DNCinPhl

Pass the popcorn.

Open Thread

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Clinton Cash – Watch today! (2-5 & 8-11pm)

Breitbart is streaming this again between 2-5pm and 8-11pm. It’s only 1 hour and goes fast. Although I admit I had to pause it several times last night while watching because I was getting so mad.

Read Breitbart’s post about their free screening or go straight to the movie.

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‘Sup ? Saturday Night Political Fights Open Thread

Funny, as a Virginian, never EVER saw Kaine connected to Hillary, ever, ever.

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I Blame Donald Trump

Are you fucking kidding me???

say it

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Friday Night Open Thread – DNC Prep Edition

First thing that came to my mind when thinking of their convention next week.😀

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