It’s St. Patricks Day !

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Friday Blarney Thread

Mom wants a traditional St. Paddy’s day meal tomorrow, so I bought a corned beef brisket, a head of cabbage, and some red taters. I also bought over $500 million worth of lottery tickets.

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Freakout Friday

I gotta feeling there will be some news dropping today. You can talk about it here.

Or whatevs.

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Thursday Open Thread

……but, beware !

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Oh Hump, It’s Shit Day!

I just want to point out to all the panty-wetters out there that divided government is the norm, not the exception. If Lamb did indeed win last night, that is still a good sign.

When Obama was elected the Democrats took a hard left and passed Obamacare. The GOP took a hard right (over the shrill objections of the GOPe) and regained the House, Senate and White House. Lamb is a moderate. Once upon a time he would have been called a Blue Dog.

The Overton window has shifted to the right. The Democrats who are winning these special elections are running as moderates. Last but not least, the last two POTUSes that lost all or part of Congress in their first midterm were both reelected.

So deal with it.

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Kids Today Aren’t Snowflakes – They’re Pussies!

I was thinking about all the stuff we saw/survived when we were growing up. The Cold War. Vietnam. Nixon and Watergate. JFK, MLK, and RFK. Oil embargoes and inflation. Disco. Leisure suits.

Kids today aren’t snowflakes, they’re pussies.

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Rex is Ex!


Not sure if POTUS was unhappy with Tillerson or if Tillerson’s sudden illness in Kenya is serious.

In other shameless self-promotion nooz, check out my mini review of Keep and Bear: The Movie.

Open Thread.

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