Before There Was NeverTrump, There Was Palinpalooza

Has it really been ten years already?

Last night I ran across the article below at the NeverTrump mothership, aka NRO. I spent at least an hour talking (muttering) to myself afterward.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Progressive Sarah Palin

How numerous the parallels! Both arrived suddenly and unexpectedly on the national scene. Both caught the attention in part because of youth and attractiveness. Each became extremely famous overnight and started driving her political opponents nuts. Each comes from an area of the country that is seen as something of a punchline to political opponents. And each proved embarrassingly gaffe-prone in interviews, causing opponents to question her basic competence and knowledge while on her side of the aisle supporters continued vigorously to defend her.

Well, gee, let’s see.

1. They are both politicians.
?. They both have ladyparts.

That about does it for the similarities.

The fact is the two women have very little in common. For example, the media loves Ocasio-Cortez and despises Sarah Palin. And Sarah, despite her reputation for being gaffe-prone, gets her facts straight before she opens her mouth. Her enemies do not do the same. A perfect example is when Sarah told a Tea Party rally “Don’t party like it’s 1773 yet” Democrats in and out of the media jumped on it as proof of her historical illiteracy. “What an idiot! She doesn’t know that the American Revolution started in 1776” they crowed.

Yeah, well, except the Revolution started in 1775, at the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. So what happened in 1773?

The Boston Tea Party.

What bothered me about the article, though, was the casual way a Leftist lie was used by an alleged conservative magazine. The National Review was where NeverTrump was born. But way before NeverTrump was pushed out of the National Review’s vagina they were bashing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

With friends like them, who needs enemies? Fuck NeverTrump. They are snakes in the grass, waiting to bite us on the ass again.

When predators acquire a taste for human blood they are called “maneaters.”

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If This Is Thursday It Must Be Bash Trump Day On CNN

Yes, I realize that every day is Bash Trump Day on CNN. I gotta run, Mom has hair AND nails today. I hope nothing exciting happens while I’m out.

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New Exhibit Opens At Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

A new exhibit opened yesterday at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. The exhibit is titled “American Gothic 2 – Chuck and Nancy.” It is believed by some people that the exhibit was modeled after the famous painting by Grant Wood. Others believe that it was intended to represent Sid Vicious and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, as they would look if they were still alive today.

The artist was unavailable for comment. It seems that after finishing the project he went mad and had to be committed to a mental institution.

The most common reaction by visitors has been “They almost look life-like.” One young man in a red “MAGA” hat said, “Nancy looks like she’s having a meltdown.”

Sid and Nancy

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Yep, It’s Tuesday

What are the vile progs and their enabling media pals offended by today?  Oh wait, I think I know… lucky day 😀

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Yep, It’s Monday

I thought I could sleep in today. (I figured out years ago that the best way to deal with Mondays is to sleep thru them.) Mom had nothing on her calendar. My sister said a carpet guy was coming by this afternoon to take some measurements. I thought I could spend today acting like a federal employee.

The carpet guy showed up at 9:15. Just as he was getting started, Mom called to tell me we didn’t have to pick up her friend today, we just had to give her a ride home.

Me: “Why does she need a ride home?”
Mom: “From the luncheon.”
Me: “The luncheon is Tuesday.”
Mom: “Today is Tuesday.”
Me: “Today is Monday.”
Mom: “Oh. Well, I better call Corinne back.”

Yep, it is definitely Monday. The good news is I don’t have anything this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Taggart is driving me crazy. He likes to rub himself on my legs to show me how much he loves me. Thanks to diabetes, my legs are very sensitive (that’s why I can’t wear long pants) under the best of conditions and when I have edema they are worse, and that’s not even counting the diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain).

The past couple weeks I have been dealing with both. So when Taggart rubs on my legs the pain is excruciating. So I scream “DON’T RUB ON MY LEGS!” which makes Taggart feel bad. To express his contrition and to apologize to me he tries to rub on my legs.

So how is your Monday going?

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I Can’t Even

I’m, pretty sure this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse mentioned in Revelation and this kid will grow up to be the antichrist.

Brave new world: Gay man impregnates transgender partner who identifies as male

Stephan and Wyley met on a gay dating app, and they live in a converted bus in their friend’s backyard in San Antonio.

“The bio of his Grindr account said something like, ‘Country boy, loves the wild, loves animals, vegan’ and then like picture of a tree,” Stephan said of Wyley.

Stephan’s friends are like, “Dude, you had your penis in a vagina! You’re a . . . A BREEDER! Ohhh . . .” (Friend faints)

But Wyley hasn’t yet had “bottom surgery” — an operation to create a penis, according to the show. The minor detail of still-existing female genitals, turns out, was a “turn off” to previous partners.

“Everybody that I’ve dated in the past, they didn’t accept me for who I was, or they all Ok with it up to an extent, probably up to about where we became physically intimate,” he said.

I can sympathize. Nobody expects or wants the Tranny Surprise. It’s never happened to me, but I’ve seen “The Crying Game” and I recall my reaction when something unexpected appeared on the screen. I would hate to be on the verge of getting physically intimate with a woman for the first time and then suddenly discover that her junk was bigger than mine.

I’m also pretty sure that I wouldn’t like the flip side of that any better. If I was hanging out with some guy I had recently made friends with told me he had a vajayjay I wouldn’t take it well.

Him: “I have a secret – I have a vagina downstairs.”

Me: “Downstairs? Like in the basement?”

Him: “No, right here.” (He points)

Me: “I just remembered I have to be somewhere else right now.”

Him: “Where?”

Me (running out the door): “Anywhere.”

I realize that I am being very non-PC. But where I come from, if one man tells another man “Nice rack” he better be referring to a game of pool. Oh, well. I guess I’ll never be asked to host the Oscars now.

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Same Planet, Different Dimension

I stumbled across the Newsweak twitter feed. I did not waste my time reading the linked articles. If Barack Obama’s answer is even remotely accurate it would be something like “Do everything the opposite of what I did.” But I want to talk about something else.

Whenever I read anything emanating from the left side of the political spectrum these days I am struck by the huge gulf between what I see and hear with my own senses, and the Leftist version of the same events. It goes way beyond a difference of opinion. I don’t think you can reasonably call it a difference of perception.

The difference is so profound that one side or the other has to be either lying or delusional. Since I am on one side, and since I know I’m not lying, if the problem is on my end then I must be delusional and not know it. But if I was delusional and didn’t know it, why would these discrepancies only occur in the context of politics and culture?

Since I don’t think I am crazy, my tentative hypothesis is that the problem is on the left. This raises two questions:

1. Are they lying, or crazy?
2. What, if anything, can we do about it?

I do not have an answer to either question.

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