Hello Easter Open Overnight Thread

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Rise and Shine! Saturday Morning Open Thread

New ‘Jesus Viagra’ Makes You Rise Three Days Later

From Waterford Whispers, my new guilty pleasure

PHARMACEUTICAL giants Pfizer have teamed up with the Catholic Church to create a new, slow-acting version of their popular ED drug Viagra, designed to mimic the death and resurrection of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ™.

Dubbed Jesup, the drug enables men suffering with erectile dysfunction to achieve a full erection capable of penetrative sex, albeit after a three-day wait.

People intending to have some nice, relaxing Sunday morning sex with their partners are instructed to take a Jesup pill at around about 3pm on Friday, after which there will be a waiting period while the drug gets to work until the user rises majestically on Sunday morning, perhaps to the amazement of their followers and the shock and awe of any Roman guards that might be in the vicinity.

“It’s based exactly on the resurrection of Christ, except for a few details,” said drug kingpin Aloysius Pfizer.

“Whereas Jesus left a small cavern empty on Sunday morning, our Jesup pill will help you fill a small cavern instead”.

True to the story of Easter, many people have come forward doubting the rising of Jesup, refusing to believe until they fill a hole somewhere.


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Good Friday Open Thread

H/T Taw and Melania 😉

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and if you’re not planning anything biggie, come sit by me 😀

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Friday Morning Open Thread – We’re Not Going Away

Muh favorite Tea Party Anthem since 2009. I miss these crazies 😉

And this guy, swoon,

I think Obama and Hillary shot and killed them both, I might be wrong 😉

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Mother Of All Open Threads (MOAOT)

Apparently, Donnie told Mad Dog to kick some ISIS ass in Goatfuckistan, so Mad Dog told the military to drop a bomb bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass on a bunch of tunnel rats. This, of course, has the special snowflakes’ panties in a knot.


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Overnight Open Thread

I got the lawn mowed. I’m making chicken and rice for dinner.

I need a shower but I’m too tired right now.

When you see it . . .

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Wednesday WTF Open Thread

My project for today is to finish mowing before it starts raining. I’ll get to that right after my nap.

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