Wednesday Overnight Open Threadster: Jefferson Airplane Edition via Woodstock

I had this earworm today, White Rabbit, just didn’t think the politics of today would make me  miss the 60’s.  Kids today have no clue, or the fun…..enjoy and what else ya got ;)

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These are not the droids you’re looking for!


The State Department released a bunch more of Hillary’s emails last night. Her deadender defenders were out in force, telling everyone there was nothing to see, now move along, and that these emails were not the droids you’re looking for. But they were lying.

Proof: Despite Denials, White House Aides Knew about Hillary’s Private E-Mail Account

New Hillary Clinton e-mails released late Tuesday night by the State Department reveal that, despite denials to the contrary, top Obama-administration officials were aware, within the first nine months of President Obama’s first term, of then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server to conduct government business. The White House has not said when President Obama and his lieutenants first learned of Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server, noting only that they became aware in August 2014, after Republican lawmakers got hold of the information, that it could become a political problem.

But e-mails from 2009 show that chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and senior adviser David Axelrod understood at the time that Clinton used a private e-mail account and server for official business. Indeed, top officials were forced to explicitly ask Clinton aides for her e-mail address. “Axelrod wants your emails,” read the subject line of an e-mail from Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills on June 8, 2009. “Can you send it to him or do you want me to?”


But, despite this 2009 e-mail, Axelrod told MSNBC host Mike Brzezinski on June 17 this year that he was unaware Clinton was using a private e-mail address and server in a government capacity. “I was there, I was the senior adviser. I didn’t know that,” he said. “I might’ve asked a few questions about that.” A top Emanuel aide also asked Clinton’s team for her private e-mail account on September 5, 2009. “The Secretary and Rahm are speaking, and she just asked him to email her,” wrote Emanuel’s assistant. “Can you send me her address please?” Mills deferred to Clinton. “Do you want him to have your email?” she asked. Clinton agreed, replying from a different private account,

This revelation has triggered new and better lies.

Expect more revelations as people comb thru the latest treasure trove. Since the State Department is slowly doling them out, expect them to get better and better with the best ones at the end.

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Retro Open Thread


Anybody else feel like they’re living through a 1950s comic book set in modern times? That’s basically how contrived so much of this feels, amIrite?

UPDATE: Investigators are on scene this morning, and a press conference is set for 10 a.m. The Associated Press is reporting that a federal source says preliminary indications show the fire was not arson.

FFS, this is an open thread.

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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday – #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches Edition

I first heard about this at Buffoon Juice:

Martin says:
June 29, 2015 at 3:02 pm
Just a reminder – 6 black churches have burned in 4 states in the last week. I’ll give you 11 guesses which 4 states.

More proof that racism in the US is a thing of the past, and that flags are heritage but churches are not.

That is quite alarming! Why aren’t we hearing more about this?

Arsonists are suspected of attacking at least two black churches across the South last week, but no arrests have been made or suspects identified, officials told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

None of the late-night attacks have been a declared a hate crime and it’s unclear whether any of the fires are linked. Social media reports that six black churches have been burned down in arson attacks are not accurate, according to local officials’ accounts of the fires.

One of the churches was a white church. One fire was caused by lightning. Another was caused by a falling tree limb that struck a power line. But two cases of arson neither of which is definitely a racial hate crime just doesn’t have the same zing.

Let me be clear – torching a church for any reason is despicable. The same goes for torching a mosque, synagogue, temple or any other house of worship, and that includes the Wasilla Bible Church. But let’s stick to the facts.


Meanwhile, Ana Marie Cox demonstrates her ignorance:

Let Bristol Palin Have a Sex Life

Expecting for the second time out of wedlock, the Palin scion has been forced to defend her pregnancy as ‘planned’—because what other reason could there be for sex before marriage?

Who will bake Bristol Palin’s wedding cake?

I’m only half-joking. With her second out-of-wedlock child on the way, the one-time “abstinence ambassador” has shown a disregard for “traditional marriage” that should offend any number of devout patisserie owners and pizzeria proprietors.

The young Palin’s recent remarks defending the pregnancy as “planned” are actually quite damning in that regard. She asserts, “Everyone knows I wanted more kids, to have a bigger family” and that she believed herself to be “heading that way”—an oblique reference to her broken engagement to Dakota Meyer—but that “things did not go according to plan.”

When everything does “not go according to plan,” that usually means the result is “unplanned,” but here I take it that by “planned” she means “wanted.” (If she needed the difference between “planned” and “wanted” clarified, and maybe avoid other situations that “did not go according to plan,” there’s a place she could go that helpfully has “planned” in its very name.)

I’m thrilled the baby is wanted, but Palin’s own narrative, and delight in growing her family, gives lie to the line conservatives continue to push: that traditional marriage is fundamental to family. By many conservatives’ definition, one 24-year-old and two kids is not a meaningful family. And, certainly, “heading that way” is not “marriage.” Jim Obergefell could have told her that years ago.

However flimsy they are as excuses, Palin needs to invoke “heading that way” and “having a family,” because those are the only reasons a “good” Christian can possibly give for sex before marriage. The alternatives are either unrealistic (IVF mixup? The supernatural?) or, among conservative Christians, unspeakable.
Just watch this clip of Palin stiffly bantering with premature has-been Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. They spend much of the minute and a half euphemizing themselves. “Trust me, though, I’m not getting myself into another situation,” she says. “I avoid situations.” Welp.

So how could we possibly expect Palin now to admit a completely plausible truth: that however much she wanted a family, or believed that she would be married, she had sex before marriage because she wanted to have sex before marriage?

Imagine that. I mean, I’m sure there’s some fan fiction out there.

Because Palin says she wanted to have kids and thought she was about to get married, I imagine most of her conservative Christian brethren will be quick to forgive her. They may not even recognize her trespass as a very troubling sin. If she were to admit that she was less family-minded and more DTF, well, at least the sex was procreative. It’s not like she was gay.

That gay sex is non-procreative is one of the main the reason so many Christians find it troubling. (Well, I suspect there are others, less easily brought to light.) They have created a kind of catch-22 of sin by using that argument as a reason gay people shouldn’t be able to get married, and (in their minds, and Texas) eliminate the category of marriage as a possibility.

Indeed, one irony of the post-Obergefell world is that, finally, unmarried gays will get to live in sin.

If she were to admit that she was less family-minded and more DTF, well, at least the sex was procreative. It’s not like she was gay.
Such a designation is easy to take lightly, especially if you’ve been sinning by others’ definition for years, but Palin’s defiant announcement reminds us that in many quarters, marriage equality will do little for how people think about LGBT people. For conservative Christians, the problem with sex will always be sex, not marriage.

Ms. Cox began her blogging career writing about the joys of buttsex. She should stick to that.


Still clueless:

Gee, you think maybe we’re not spending enough? It’s as if socialism was unsustainable. I blame greedy rich people.

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Greece is the Word


Batten down the hatches, it could get bumpy!

Greece in shock as banks shut after creditor talks break down

Greeks woke up to shuttered banks, closed cash machines and a climate of rumours and conspiracy theories on Monday as a breakdown in talks between Athens and its creditors plunged the country deep into crisis.

After receiving no extra emergency funding for Greek lenders from the European Central Bank, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sombrely announced capital controls in a televised address on Sunday night to prevent banks from collapsing under the weight of mass withdrawals.

Greece has less than 48 hours to pay back 1.6 billion euros ($1.77 billion) of International Monetary Fund loans, and a default would set in train events that could lead to the country’s exit from the euro currency bloc.

But after Tsipras angered Greece’s international lenders by announcing a snap referendum next Sunday on the terms of a cash-for-reforms deal, hopes of a last-minute breakthrough are fading fast. Greeks reacted with a mixture of disbelief and fear.


European bank shares fell sharply on Monday. Top banks in Spain, France and Germany were down more than 6 percent as the risk of a spillover to banks in other peripheral euro zone countries spooked investors.

The Greek government will keep banks shut at least until after July 5, the date of the referendum, and withdrawals from automated teller machines — which are shut on Monday — will be limited to 60 euros a day when they reopen on Tuesday. The stock exchange will also stay shut.

After months of wrangling, Greece’s exasperated European partners have put the blame for the crisis squarely on Tsipras’s shoulders.

The creditors wanted Greece to cut pensions and raise taxes in ways that Tsipras has long argued would deepen one of the worst economic crises of modern times in a country where a quarter of the workforce is already unemployed.

I’m not an expert in international finance, but I know what a money pit is. Greece has been spending more than they are collecting in taxes. A lot more. For a long time.

The people they owe money to don’t want to loan them any more money. But Greece is dependent on that borrowed money. The creditors wanted Greece to agree to some “austerity” measures which basically means “spend less.”

That solution went over like a lead balloon. So they turned around ans elected a demagogue (Tsipras) who promised to keep the government gravy flowing.

Reality is a bitch.

So what happens next? I don’t have a clue.

The reason this matters is because we are 18.5 TRILLION dollars in debt. We could be next. Sooner or later it will be our turn in the barrel. It won’t be pretty.

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Another Shitty Day In Paradise


Hot enough for ya?

This is an open thread.


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An Hour Later It Was Back Up Again

The Left is getting moist panties over someone named Bree Newsome who clumsily bravely climbed a flagpole and took down the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse. She was promptly arrested by some bored looking state troopers when she returned to the ground. So was some guy who was helping her.

“You cannot get to me with hatred and oppression and violence,” Newsome shouted from the top of the pole, according to video. “I come against you in the name of God. This flag comes down today.”

An hour later the flag was back up again.

Democrat flag

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