Are Democrats Really As Dumb As A Bag Of Hammers?

The Democrat Brain Trust

Could anyone really be that stupid? I dunno, but if they aren’t stupid then they are very, very, evil. I go back and forth on this question.

George Neumayr at Spectator:

Playing Dumb About Obamagate

Liberals are dismissing “Obamagate” as another one of Donald Trump’s “conspiracy theories.” Never mind that Trump has been right from the beginning about the Obama administration spying on his campaign. James Comey sanctimoniously denied spying on Trump Tower, even as spying warrants giving him the power to intercept communications there sat on his desk. And never mind that Obama’s fingerprints are all over the Flynn-related espionage.

It is impossible to overstate the anger the media would have expressed had George W. Bush pulled such stunts on the Obama campaign.

Liberals love to sanitize their own scandals. Once censorious of the CIA and FBI, they now act like it is inconceivable that those agencies could ever abuse power, could ever spy on anyone improperly, could ever be weaponized politically. And so much for liberals’ ACLU-style anxieties about the civil liberties of Americans. They have shown zero sympathy to Carter Page, even though the FBI massively violated his privacy with an improperly obtained warrant. The civil libertarian Left disappears during Democratic scandals.

Liberals used to scoff at Richard Nixon saying if a president does something it can’t be illegal. But liberals’ presumption about Obama is little different: if he did something, their attitude goes, it can’t be wrong.

Imagine if George W. Bush had participated in setting up a perjury trap for an incoming Obama official. The media furor would have been deafening. But Obama’s complicity in the Michael Flynn scandal, we’re told, is no big deal.

Just as Obama can do no wrong in the media’s reckoning, Trump can never be right. He is the clear victim of all the baseless spying on his campaign, which led to years of unfounded harassment that hobbled his presidency. And yet the media tells us that he is wrong to complain about it. How dare he notice that he was railroaded.

Of course, many of the media figures calling Obamagate a “distraction” are buddies with its architects. John Brennan and James Clapper are retained as contributors by the very media organizations that refuse to cover their scandals. Too bad H. R. Haldeman couldn’t have worked out such a deal.

To the extent that the media covers the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign at all, it presents the espionage in the most innocuous terms. Even something as outlandish as infiltrating his campaign — the FBI’s sending in of Stefan Halper to entrap minor Trump campaign volunteers — is treated as “by the book,” to borrow Susan Rice’s phrase. Halper was just a “confidential informant,” we’re told by the media. Nothing to see there.

Again, it is impossible to overstate the anger the media would have expressed had George W. Bush pulled such stunts on the Obama campaign. That would not have been blandly described as “standard procedure” or a good-faith mistake. Some liberals have ludicrously suggested that it would have been a “dereliction of duty” if the Obama administration hadn’t spied on the Trump campaign. They say this even after it has come out that much of the spying rested on a bogus dossier financed by Trump’s opponent, even after the outrageous Strzok texts, even after the incriminating Flynn-related documents.

Only liberals could say “we don’t know what the scandal is” in the face of such facts. Their capacity for denial and projection is staggering. They spent three years accusing a government of interfering in our election, only for Americans to find out that that government was their own. It was the John Brennans, Peter Strzoks, and James Comeys who interfered in the election the most. And they were the ones who used foreigners to do it. Brennan and company not only made use of Hillary’s British smear merchant, Christopher Steele, but also other foreign intelligence agents — all in the service of a spying operation that proved utterly fruitless and never had any foundation to it.

I don’t think the typical rank-and-file Democrats are evil, but some of their leaders definitely are. Fortunately for the rest of us, their leaders don’t seem to be none too bright. But Leftism is not geared for deep thinkers.

100 years ago Leftism appealed to intellectuals, but back then it was still just a theory. Events of the 20th Century proved that Leftism does not work. Today Leftism only appeals to pseudo-intellectuals and stupid people who want someone to blame for their shitty lives.

Whether or not the Democrats are stupid, they sure think we are. At least they think there are enough stupid voters to swing an election. They could be right.

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Reality Is For People Who Can’t Handle Leftism

I haven’t been posting lately because nothing makes sense anymore.

The DOJ tries to do the right thing with Mike Flynn but the judge won’t let them. A drug that has been available for decades is suddenly deadly poison. Trans women are real women, even if they still have a cock and balls. My dentist’s office is closed but Walmart is open. Nancy Pelosi says that Trump is morbidly obese. That woman has had so many face-lifts she has to wear a scarf around her neck to hide her nipples.

I can’t even.

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I’ll Settle For A Few Small Fish

Little Fish

There is an old saying that goes: “America has the best justice system that money can buy. How much justice can you afford?” One of our principles is that “No one is above the law” but in reality, some people can get away with things that would put the rest of us behind bars forever.

Just as some banks are “too big to fail,” some people are too big to jail.

Rayn Random at American Thinker:

Why AG Barr is right about not criminally prosecuting Obama or Biden

A friend, who thinks politically as we do here, phoned this morning after just hearing Barr’s comments doubting that Obama or Biden would be criminally prosecuted. We both would love to see it, but consider how destructive the Dems’ legal efforts to get Trump to testify so they could prosecute him have been for the past three years, and then imagine what could happen if the precedent were set to prosecute future presidents of either party. Such a spectacle would draw worldwide attention and obliterate everything else our country needed to be doing that would have more impact on our country’s, and even the world’s, future.

If there were a trial, it would go on for years, and that wouldn’t even include all the appeals. No matter how it concluded, whether it were an acquittal, a partial conviction, a hung jury, or a jury nullification, it would still be argued for decades. Either way, Obama would be a hero to millions throughout the world, and he could go on another anti-American world tour as a victim of an unfair justice system. The ones who actually did the crimes at his direction would be brushed aside in the frenzy and even forgotten.

Hillary Clinton was never in any danger of going to prison. Prisons are for little people. If there is one thing the Elites all agree on it’s that their kind should never be subject to the same justice as our kind. Jailing is rarer than assassination and “suicide” among the elites.

When you see a big fish go to jail, it’s a safe bet that a bigger fish ordered the code red. You don’t really think that a US Attorney, acting on his own initiative, put Rod Blagowhatsitz behind bars, do you? More typical is what happens when some local yokel cops arrest a celebrity for some mundane crime like drug possession or filing a false police report.

It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. Jailing Hillary or Obama wouldn’t accomplish anything, it would just turn them into martyrs. There will always be politicians who will happily abuse their power, and the politician who would not lie to get elected or to keep his job hasn’t been born.

Little fish, on the other hand, go to prison all the time. Nixon got away, but some of his henchmen went to Club Fed. Guys like Nixon and Obama always have henchmen willing to do their dirty work, but those henchmen don’t have the same Elite Immunity, and when the mob is screaming for blood those little fishies are the designated blood donors.

Jailing the little fish does have a deterrent effect, especially on members of the Deep State. If you lock up one FBI agent, all the other agents will hear about it. Lock up one FBI Director and every agent for the next 100 years will hear about him.

Here are some little fish that should be in prison:

John Brennan
James Clapper
James Comey
Peter Strzok
Lisa Page

I’ll be happy if at least three of them do time. Nobody will miss them when they’re gone.

Barack Obama will never go to prison. But he’ll never be president again either. What will hurt him the most is being exposed as the incompetent, corrupt, douchebag that he is.

Big Fish

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(Pre) TinFoil Tuesday Open Thread

Carry on. The Social Media is nuts, my local media is nuts. Just dodged a tropical storm, so what else is in the “news” ? Oh look we have another storm slamming down on us from…the West? Never a dull moment in Mid-Atlantic isolation 😉

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Senior Fake News Spreader At Politico Makes Kinsley Gaffe

A “Kinsley gaffe” is when someone in Washington DC accidentally says what they are really thinking. Jack Shafer at Pathetico made such a gaffe in his column titled “How Not to Listen to Donald Trump.

Now it could be that Obama did commit the biggest political crime in the history of the USA. If there’s a shred of evidence, I want Obama investigated. If the investigation bears fruit, I want him to have a fair trial. If he’s found guilty, I want him punished. But show me that shred of evidence first or I’m going back to bed.

At the three-and-a-half-year mark of his presidency, we have ample proof that Trump’s barking about the criminality of others—almost always his opponents—is routinely groundless. As many have written, he is a terrible source of investigative leads and he routinely spins nonsense to reset the conversation in hopes that it will deflect the press from his political problems. And he’s doing it again. As a serial and unreliable accuser, Trump is like that cocoa puff who loves to phone reporters with evidence of massive wrong-doing but when interviewed only has a shopping bag full of unrelated, yellowing news clips. The biggest difference between the cocoa puffs and the orange one, of course, is that the cocoa puffs only want to be heard while the orange one hopes his hogwash will get enough play to influence voters in November.

This is where it gets tricky for reporters. But it’s time to establish a new standard for our coverage of the president.

Journalists should still write down what he says, just as we should always listen to the cocoa puffs when they call. But the urgency of our investigations should be informed by what sort of substantiation Trump and his surrogates provide. Does the press have an obligation to debunk every allegation he makes, even the vague and tissue-thin charges he makes on a regular basis? Who made him our assignment editor? Trump has cried wolf so many times—deliberately wasting journalistic resources by sending reporters off to investigate spurious charges—that it’s now incumbent upon him to invest his charges with some tangible proof if he expects reporters to follow his lead. At the very least, Trump should explain what law was broken and cite its page number in the legal code, offer to share with journalists the evidence he has collected, and present the criminal or civil complaint he has filed. Unless and until he does that, reporters have no duty to publicize his blabber beyond recording it for posterity in a brief mention inside the A section.

We can expect more, not less of Trump’s wolf-cries as the election approaches, as international affairs professor Tom Nichols tweeted Wednesday. “The Trump people are going to unleash a blizzard of bullshit, including selective releases and declassifications and leaks, and if the media chases every one of these as bombshell, they’re going to end up being a functioning arm of the Trump campaign,” Nichols wrote. Telling the president to put up or shut up with his accusation—to put the onus on him to show that there is a there there—is the only way press can declare its independence from his tricks.

Did you catch it?

Here is is:

Does the press have an obligation to debunk every allegation he makes, even the vague and tissue-thin charges he makes on a regular basis?

Jack Shafer reveals the media mindset – “debunk Trump”- which is responsible for so much of the news coverage Trump receives. That’s why Trump mentioning Hydroxychloroquine as a promising treatment for the ‘Rona virus resulted in a drug that’s been around for 60 years suddenly being declared Public Enemy #1.

The media is worried about Obama henchmen getting indicted. They’re worried, but they don’t want to talk about it. They are going to place an embargo on all the bad news for Democrats between now and November. They’ll dress it up in high-falutin’ moral terms, but they’ll do their best to ignore the 500 lb gorilla sitting in the living room.

“Gorilla? What gorilla?”

If there’s a shred of evidence, I want Obama investigated.

“Shred? What shred?”

Meanwhile, ever bit of negative news for Trump will get rushed to publication after running it thru a TDS amplifier.

If you had any doubt about where Shafer is coming from, his citation to “international affairs professor Tom Nichols” tells you everything you need to know. Nichols is a rabid NeverTrumper.

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Mom’s Church Can Reopen!!!!

Mom celebrates the reopening of her church. “If Jesus can turn water into wine I can drink the damn stuff.”

The Atwater City Council decided to give the Love Gov Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom an upraised middle finger. The Merced Sun-Stroke

Atwater is now a business ‘sanctuary city’ during coronavirus pandemic. What does it mean?

Atwater residents gave City Council a standing ovation and cheers Friday when they unanimously passed a resolution to make Atwater a sanctuary city for all businesses to open amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What does this mean for Atwater businesses?

“The City of Atwater is not going to go out and enforce any of the shelter in place orders by the state of California,” Mayor Paul Creighton told the Sun-Star. City police and code enforcement will not interfere with businesses that reopen ahead of state guidelines, he said.

“But if you do have a state (business) license, that’s between you and the state of California,” Creighton said, noting that the city has no jurisdiction over these licenses.

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke recently told the Sun-Star that his office is on the same page. “The Sheriff’s Office will not be enforcing the state’s COVID restrictions for businesses that they consider essential or nonessential,” he said.

The City of Atwater claims 12 of Merced County’s 200 total cases Friday according to County Public Health.

The sanctuary city resolution affirms the city’s commitment to fundamental Constitutional rights. Local officials and residents in attendance made clear their belief that these rights have been stripped recently due to coronavirus-related restrictions.

“We have to base our decisions on the Constitution,” said Atwater business owner Chris Coffelt, who brought copies of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments for each City Councilmember.

“If you receive an order from the governor telling us that we can’t open our business, that’s an illegal order. It’s unconstitutional,” he added.

Councilmember Brian Raymond, who thought of the idea, recently told the Sun-Star the plan is similar to cities like Coalinga, who declared all businesses essential in defiance of the governor’s four stages of reopening. But Atwater is likely the first to use the term sanctuary city in this way, he said.

The thought is that all businesses could reopen with modifications, if they so wish. Preventative safety measures would be left to the business owner and patrons’ discretion.

This means businesses like hair and nail salons that are currently excluded from the governor’s staged reopening may open without retaliation from local law enforcement.

Churches can reopen, too. The City of Atwater is considering them nonprofits, Creighton said.

“I’ve never been more proud to sit here and support this community than I have today,” said Councilmember Cindy Vierra at Friday’s special meeting.

Mom going to church was 2-3 hours of ME time each week, which is critical for clown mental health maintenance. Lately I find myself repeating Norm Bates:

“We all go a little mad sometimes.”

Meanwhile, Mom was getting her nails done today so I used the opportunity to run a few errands. Something I kept noticing today was that the streets and stores in this community seemed awful crowded for a town on lockdown.

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*Shout Out From The President* Open Thread

Of course, TCHers are the best “Keyboard Warriors” in the worrrrrld 😀

Have a great weekend !

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