My New Hero: Thomas Homan

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan testified before Congress today, and he had zero fucks to give.

Homan looks like he wants to relieve stress the old fashioned way – by choking the shit out of some asshole who needs an attitude adjustment.

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Goombas, NPCs, AOC & The Squad

Uh-oh. There’s trouble in la-la land as Democrats go to Civil War with themselves. This is the best show this summer!

This is an open thread.

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If this article was any more slanted it would be vertical

The truth is free-falling. From NBC:

Conspiracy theorists, far-right agitators head to White House with social media in their sights

President Donald Trump is scheduled to host several internet personalities at an event that disinformation researchers say legitimizes people who traffic in trolling and harassment.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to host several right-wing internet personalities at an event Thursday that the White House said was intended to “share how they have been affected by bias online.”

Trump and other Republican politicians have recently amplified attacks on social media companies for what they see as unfair censorship directed at conservatives. Trump has repeatedly decried “censorship” of users who have been banned from social media for breaking terms-of-service agreements on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Some users have had their accounts terminated by social media platforms for operating fake accounts or directing hate speech at other users.

While the Trump administration has generally embraced the far-right social media sphere, Thursday’s event will be one of the first to bring that digital ecosystem into the real world. Disinformation researchers who spoke with NBC News said the event further legitimizes a network of social media personalities who repeatedly target politicians and social media users with disinformation, trolling and harassment campaigns.

“I feel like maybe the rest of us are in denial, or disbelief, that these kinds of internet celebrities and social media influencers are already a powerful force shaping our culture,” said Erin Gallagher, who maps influence networks of targeted harassment and disinformation. “The people and topics that they elevate with their massive platforms are incredibly toxic and will have very damaging long-term effects on society.”

Well, it looks like it has been firmly established that none of the people attending today’s meeting have any legitimate gripes. They’re all far-right crazies who got booted from social media because they broke the rules.

The toxicity of at least one of the attendees has already caused problems for the event.

Cartoonist Ben Garrison, who was initially invited to the summit, is no longer attending. Garrison faced criticism for a cartoon that showed George Soros as a puppetmaster. The Anti-Defamation League called the cartoon “anti-Semitic” in 2017. Images of Soros, a Democratic donor who is frequently the target of conspiracy theories, have been a recurring trope in Garrison’s cartoons.

Various people have posted on social media their invitations to the event, but it’s unclear whether all will be attending, given some controversy over their past online behavior.

Conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell, an online radio host and frequent guest on Infowars who has promoted the Qanon conspiracy theory, has tweeted that he will attend the event. Tim Pool, a YouTube personality who has pushed the false conspiracy theory that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich leaked hacked emails to WikiLeaks, also plans to attend the event.

Right-wing commentator Ali Alexander also received an invitation. Alexander made headlines in recent weeks for questioning Kamala Harris’s ethnicity in a tweet that was retweeted by Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son. Harris was born in Oakland, Calif., and her father and mother are immigrants from Jamaica and India, respectively.

Ben Garrison and Bill Mitchell are far-right crazies? Seriously?

What did Ali Alexander have to say about Kamala Harris that is factually disputed? Here is what Ali tweeted:

Nobody that I am aware of is claiming that Kamalatoe is a complete phony fake black like Rachel Dolezal or Shawn King. But in this age of Identitarian Politics, what does it mean to be “black” or “African-American?” Additionally, who defines what those labels mean? What about
Somali-Americans, and other post-slavery immigrants (and their descendants) from Africa?

When we say an American is “black” we generally mean that that person is descended from one or more African slaves who were brought to America in chains. That definition would exclude both Kamala Harris and Barack Obama. If you want to see some fun, pass a reparations bill that sets aside a pile of money to be divvied up among “Black Americans.”

The more people that qualify for a slice, the smaller each slice will be. Back when Indian gaming became legal there were a lot of people who suddenly wanted to return to their Native American roots, and I’m not talking about Fauxcahontas. The tribes were very strict in defining who qualified as a member.

Ali Alexander’s tweet didn’t get much attention until DJT Jr. retweeted it. Don Jr. is a Trump, so to the news media attacking him is almost as good as attacking his dad. They basically ignored Ali’s ethnicity and claimed that the issue of Kamalatoe’s race to be a far-right conspiracy. But a few weeks earlier, Don Lemonhead was saying the same stuff on CNN.

The issue at today’s social media meeting is not racial identity definitions, it is conservative deplatforming. Can social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google censor speech based on ideology? Can the government regulate social media? More importantly, should they?

This crap article from NBC ignores those issues.

Your freedom is at stake. Choose wisely.

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R.I.P. Rip

Elmore Rual “Rip” Torn Jr. (February 6, 1931 – July 9, 2019) passed away yesterday. He was 88.

Things I did not know: Rip Torn was Sissy Spacek’s cousin.
Things I just made up: Rip Torn got his nickname from his ability to fart loudly seemingly at will.

This is an open thread.

I used to get the two Rips confused with each other.

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Mirror, Mirror

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the best President of them all?”

Be careful what you ask for.

“Motherfu . . .”

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Democrats Turn Left

After carefully reviewing the data, the Democrat brain trust has apparently decided that Hillary lost because she was too conservative. So they are yanking the wheel to the left as hard as they can and putting the pedal to the metal. Go big or go home.

My advice to the Democrats is: “Go for it! You can do it!! You got a lotta room!”

The Democrat Brain Trust

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Oh No! They Found Her!

By “her” I am referring to that crazy drunk old Cuban woman. You know, the racist Trump supporter from Miami. The Florida GOP has been keeping her hidden for almost four years now, moving her around in the dead of night to keep the liberal media from finding her.

Well, it’s all over now. They found her. The proof that they have been looking for.

Proof that all Trump supporters are racists. We can’t deny it anymore. Rivergolddaughterberry knows it, and if she knows it, everybody knows it.

We might as well dig out our white robes and hoods and start burning crosses again.

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