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I Ain’t Buying It

Edward Klein at the NY Post: Clinton bristled at Benghazi deception By 10 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2012, when Hillary Clinton received a call from President Obama, she was one of the most thoroughly briefed officials in Washington on the … Continue reading

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Journolista Says No Unanswered Questions About Benghazi

Guy Benson: Chuck Todd: C’mon, Every Benghazi Question Has Already Been Answered NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent and MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd doesn’t see any rationale for the formation of a select committee on Benghazi. The inquiry is pointless, Todd … Continue reading

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Do the Thing Right

USA Today: Rep. Trey Gowdy: Benghazi needs deeper scrutiny Benghazi matters because four of our fellow citizens were murdered under terrifying circumstances. Benghazi matters because a diplomatic facility emblematic and representative of our country was attacked and burned on the … Continue reading

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Benghazi Deniers – Inside the Punchbowl

At Salon, they don’t just drink the Kool-aid, they swim in that shit: Benghazi derp’s chief enablers: Why pundits’ fear to call out liars has grave consequences The real scandal: GOP’s bad-faith opportunism, and White House reporters’ refusal to focus … Continue reading

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The Seven Scandals of Benghazi

This is really starting to piss me off: Pathetico: The Benghazi-Industrial Complex Will the pseudo-scandal be enough to stop Hillary from running? Perhaps if the Republicans can’t beat Hillary Clinton fairly in 2016, they can make her so disgusted by … Continue reading

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Lies and Liars

The Obama White House lied to us. Here’s the proof: Here’s what happened. The Obama/Clinton Middle East foreign policy resulted in the debacle in Benghazi. Even worse (from the White House standpoint) was that we were less than two months … Continue reading

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Burn the Witch!

She gone and done it now! Josh Marshall at Toilet Paper Media: How To Make Yourself Sound Nuts 101 Sharyl Attkisson is the former CBS News reporter who left the network over what she claimed was liberal bias. After her … Continue reading

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