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The Big Dawg tells it like it is

Politico: Bill Clinton: Hike taxes across the board Bill Clinton said Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s goal of hiking taxes on the rich alone is not enough to solve the country’s fiscal woes and suggested that middle class Americans must … Continue reading

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This oughta be fun

Mitt Romney Calls President Obama Out On ‘Beef’ With Clintons Speaking at a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took aim at President Obama for abandoning the “Clinton Doctrine.” He went on to suggest that … Continue reading

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Good Dawg!

Forbes: Clinton Best President in Last 66 Years; W and Obama Worst In July 2004, Forbes published Presidents and Prosperity – a special report on America’s presidents since 1945. After updating that report’s seven economic performance measures to reflect the … Continue reading

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The Big Dawg tells the truth

Bill Clinton: Why yes, the media did favor Obama over Hillary three years ago

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Fuck-you, Tweety!

Chris Matthews can talk all he wants about Newt Gingrich. I don’t dispute that every word he says in the clip above is accurate. But I haven’t forgotten Tweety’s obsession with The Clenis. When Newt and the GOP were trying … Continue reading

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Bush is Newt’s fault?

Ramesh Ponnuru: Before Republicans put Newt Gingrich at the top of their party, they should consider what happened the last time he led it. In the mid-1990s, Gingrich was the de facto head of the Republican Party. He helped lead … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Clinton Bashing

Even though it’s been out for a couple months now, Dan Froomkin decided to bring up Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men again: In the book, Suskind describes how Obama made the conscious choice to staff his economic team with former Clinton … Continue reading

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Post-Clinton America

Bill Clinton: Hillary to Play ‘Major Role’ After She Leaves Obama Administration Former President Bill Clinton revealed in an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview released this weekend that he has discussed with his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her plans after … Continue reading

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Even though I don’t like Rahm or live in Chicago I was very pleased to see this: Rahm Emanuel has huge lead in Chicago mayoral race Boosted by a surge in support from African-Americans, Rahm Emanuel holds double-digit leads over … Continue reading

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