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Monday Morning Quickie

Victor Davis Hanson: Versailles in California California is run from a sort of Pacific Versailles, an isolated coastal compound of elite rulers physically cut off from its interior peasantry. To understand how California works — or rather does not work … Continue reading

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Misstating the Burden of Proof

Think Progress: Rubio Can’t Name A Single Source Behind His Climate Denialism Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was unable to name a single source when asked on Tuesday to name the information he is reading that has led him to recently … Continue reading

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There’s a Reason It’s Called “Tornado Alley”

It’s Spring, and that means it’s the beginning of tornado season. It’s a long season too, lasting about six months, give or take a few weeks. Nowadays, Spring is when Vile Progs’ minds turn to thoughts of Man-Made Global Climate … Continue reading

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Salon is Unclear on the Concept of “Fair and Balanced”

From the once respectable Salon: Fox producer emails climate blog looking for “the very best arguments” against man-made global warming In his earnestness to go against the consensus of 97 percent of scientists, a producer for The O’Reilly Factor allegedly … Continue reading

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Lysenkoism is Alive and Well

Patrick Michaels has an article in Forbes: Will The Overselling Of Global Warming Lead To A New Scientific Dark Age? Will the overselling of climate change lead to a new scientific dark age? That’s the question being posed in the … Continue reading

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Wait . . . what? That makes no sense!

Daily Mail: The IPCC, which has 195 member countries, adopted the report Friday after all-night talks at a meeting in Stockholm. In its previous assessment, in 2007, the U.N.-sponsored panel said it was ‘very likely’ that global warming was due … Continue reading

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Hot Enough For You?

Via Yoohoo: AP photographer describes 128-degree heat FURNACE CREEK, Calif. (AP) — Associated Press photographer Chris Carlson is no stranger to heat. He grew up just outside Palm Springs, Calif. On Friday, he returned to his desert roots, leaving his … Continue reading

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