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We’re Legit and You’re Not!

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones: When Will Fury Start to Grow Over Growing Fury? The White House, says the LA Times for the third straight day, is facing “growing fury” over L’Affaire Bergdahl. How many times have I read a … Continue reading

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Conflict of Incest

Huffpoop: CBS Says Network President Didn’t Influence Coverage Of Brother’s Benghazi Email CBS News President David Rhodes was not involved in editorial discussions on Wednesday about whether “CBS Evening News” should cover a newly released email written by his brother … Continue reading

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Burn the Witch!

She gone and done it now! Josh Marshall at Toilet Paper Media: How To Make Yourself Sound Nuts 101 Sharyl Attkisson is the former CBS News reporter who left the network over what she claimed was liberal bias. After her … Continue reading

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What a Load of Crap!

How stupid do they think we are? The NY Times: California Farmers Short of Labor, and Patience HURON, Calif. — When Chuck Herrin, who runs a large farm labor contracting company, looks out at the hundreds of workers he hires … Continue reading

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It’s Official – Salon is Now a Communist Propaganda Rag

Jesse Myerson at The Daily Worker Salon: Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism) As the commentary around the recent deaths of Nelson Mandela, Amiri Baraka and Pete Seeger made abundantly clear, most of what … Continue reading

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Who is Karmel Allison and why did she faint on cue?

Twitter: I'm ok world- just got a little lightheaded.Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me! And good thing this pregnant diabetic is pregnant 🙂 — Karmel Allison (@karmel_a) October 21, 2013 Who is Karmel Allison? Among other things she is a PhD. … Continue reading

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