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Trading Away The Future

US trade balance / Mexico 1990: neg $1.8B http://t.co/e9Jy8uqn4H With Mexcio 2014: Neg $53B http://t.co/SohwUAJUGr Any questions? — Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw) June 12, 2015 Ace has been on fire lately: TPA Passes, But TAA Fails: Bill In Limbo Apparently, for TPA (the … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift is Number One, Rumer Danced Her Ass Off and Some Klown Musings

That’s right, Taylor Swift was selected as #1 on Maxim’s 2015 list of Totally Hot Hotties, and she did it without taking her clothes off in public. She stands astride the music industry like a colossus. She shows up on … Continue reading

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The Tide Has Turned On The Blue Model

Walter Russell Mead: Next Up in America: The Liberal Retreat The Obama administration may represent “Peak Left” in American politics. As a result, what we are getting from the left these days is a mix of bewilderment and anger as … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Obama

He didn’t make this mess all by himself. Michael Goodwin: We are witnessing the total collapse of a bad idea. Obamaism, a quasi-socialist commitment to a more powerful government at home and an abdication of American leadership around the world, … Continue reading

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This Is Giants Baseball!

Giants defeat Cardinals 5-4 on 10th-inning throwing error You sat in your dens or offices Tuesday, watched the Giants stick four runs on the scoreboard in the first inning and thought, “We’ve got this.” The players knew better. Anyone who … Continue reading

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Falling Down

Where does civilization come from? More importantly right now, where does it go when it ends? Roger Cohen at the NYT: The Great Unraveling It was the time of unraveling. Long afterward, in the ruins, people asked: How could it … Continue reading

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Fantasy Friday Open Thread

Is there any way that Obama could salvage some shreds of dignity and credibility in his final 29 months in office? We can safely assume that he will not suddenly become more competent, nor will he change ideologically. He is … Continue reading

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