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She shoulda been wearing heels, hose and a dress

Diana Reese in WaPo: When Palin took to the makeshift stage in the middle of a Missouri farm field, she was dressed more for the part of Hollywood celebrity than serious politician. I know someone’s going to remind me that … Continue reading

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FINALLY! – Proof that the Palins are vile, evil people

This is actually considered a news story: Little Tripp Palin Calls Aunt Willow the F-Word on Bristol Palin’s Reality Show “I’m doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp,” Bristol Palin admits on her Lifetime reality show Life’s a Tripp. And yes, … Continue reading

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Tell us something we don’t already know

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Study shows Palin treated differently by media as vice presidential candidate than Biden The 2008 presidential race was one of the most watched, discussed and analyzed campaigns in U.S. history, and when it came to the vice … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a smear campaign

When we last heard from Sarah Palin she was anointing state Treasurer Richard Mourdock over incumbent Senator Dick Lugar in Indiana’s GOP Senate primary that is being held today. In March Lugar had a comfortable lead. When Sarah gave Mourdock … Continue reading

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Dragon Lady Open Thread

She still lives rent-free inside their heads.

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Using religion as a hook

The Other McCain: As you can see, Bashir calls Romney “Mitt the Mendacious” three times. The crudeness of Bashir’s rhetorical method is enough to make Allahpundit pine for “the relative subtlety and understated good taste of Keith Olbermann.” Bashir also … Continue reading

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Obamamania vs. Palinpalooza

Sarah Palin: During the ’08 campaign, the same media that reported breathlessly about an old used tanning bed I purchased to get some sun during the dark Alaskan winter, couldn’t be bothered to investigate Barack Obama’s associations, statements or even … Continue reading

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“Game Change” draws big audience – sort of

WaPo: “Game Change” draws highest ratings for original HBO movie in eight years One massive marketing and GOP-undies-bunching campaign later, the unveiling of HBO’s Sarah Palin flick, “Game Change,”attracted 2.123 million viewers Saturday night at 9. HBO says that is its … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: John McCain is still not dead!

Mediaite: Former McCain senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt sat down with MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday morning and spoke candidly about his role in the 2008 presidential campaign, saying HBO’s Game Change was largely true. “I think it was very accurate,” … Continue reading

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Fear is the mind-killer

Actress Who Plays Palin Found Her Selection ‘Pretty Terrifying’ The prospect of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008 was “pretty terrifying” to actress Julianne Moore, who plays Palin in HBO’s upcoming Game Change movie about the … Continue reading

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Rewriting Herstory

I grabbed this from Wikipedia: Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime is a book by political journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin about the 2008 United States presidential election.[1] Released on … Continue reading

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FLASHBACK – The Great Alaskan Turkey Massacre of 2008

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories was watching Keith Olbermann, Cenk Uglier and the other members of the PDS Brigades make total fools of themselves over the death of a couple turkeys. Where did they think those things came from, … Continue reading

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The Obots are jizzing in their underoos again: Palin completely misunderstands what “Sputnik Moment” means So Sarah Palin went on Greta Van Susteren’s show last night and one of the “questions” was about what she thought of President Obama’s reference … Continue reading

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