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La-La-La I can’t hear you!

I found the above graphic at Hot Air. I found this at Rathole of Bitterness: I’m am thinning out my Facebook friends list rapidly of people I knew around 4 years ago that I thought supported my vision–not the Romney/Ryan … Continue reading

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Hope is fading fast

College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. – Paul Ryan

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Fact-checking the fact-checkers

The Obama campaign whipped out the above video to prove that Paul Ryan is a dirty, rotten, no-good fibber. Guy Benson has the response: (1) They begin with video of CNN reporters discussing accusations of Ryan’s “lies.” This is proof … Continue reading

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Hey girl! It’s Paul Ryan

There’s the video. Here’s the transcript. Discuss.

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RNC Open Thread – Paul Ryan’s Big Night

Paul Ryan gives his acceptance speech tonight. FOX cancelled Sarah Palin’s appearances. Clint Eastwood is rumored to be in Tampa. What stupid shit will MSNBC pull tonight? What will everyone be talking about tomorrow? Inquiring minds want to know.

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DJ, spin that stuff!

Paul Ryan interview: QUESTION: Should abortions to be available to women who are raped? RYAN: Well, look, I’m proud of my pro-life record. And I stand by my pro-life record in Congress. It’s something I’m proud of. But Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan on the Man and the Moment

Mark my words. That’ll be a campaign slogan introduced at the convention. Mitt Romney: The Man for this Moment. Or something like it, anyway. As promised, here’s the full video of Ryan’s speech yesterday. Apologies for the shaky camera, which … Continue reading

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