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Palinpalooza 2015

They just can’t quit her. Mark Hemingway at The Weakly Standard: In Defense of Sarah Palin Matt Lewis has a column today over at the Daily Beast headlined, “You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin: It’s time to admit … Continue reading

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Nicolle Wallace is a Back-Stabbing Bitch

Mollie Hemingway: The View From Hell: Nicole Wallace And Hostility To Conservative Women For a long time before I became a reporter, I never paid attention to bylines — the announcement of who wrote a given article. That all changed … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin, Impeachment and Shifting the Overton Window

One of the things I like about Sarah Palin is that she is not afraid to stir shit. This time she’s using a BIG spoon: Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president. His unsecured border crisis … Continue reading

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Whose War On Women?

Look who fired the 1st shot in the real "war on women". Hint: it wasn't the GOP. See this excerpt from Hillary's book pic.twitter.com/kKBShf9vHj — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) June 9, 2014 I remember the day that Sarah Palin was chosen … Continue reading

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Still Living Rent-Free Inside Their Heads

White House Breaks the Law Releasing These Gitmo Terrorists, Of Course Claims “Exigent Circumstances” These… http://t.co/hzvrTgEi9E — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) June 2, 2014 So Sarah Palin posted a tweet, linking to her Facebook page. You remember Sarah Palin, don’t you? She … Continue reading

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Don’t Hurt Yourself Stretching

This was supposed to be today’s morning post. By Forrest A. Gump Nabors at Politico: She Can See This Disaster From Her House If Republicans lose the Alaska Senate race, they’ll have Sarah Palin to thank. Deemocrats might long remember … Continue reading

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Hook, Line and Sinker Every Time

From the Department of You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Palin Wonders If Flight 370 ‘Flew Directly to Heaven’ Sarah Palin claimed today that Malaysia Flight 370 may have vanished because it mistakenly flew too high and ended up in … Continue reading

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