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The Seven Scandals of Benghazi

This is really starting to piss me off: Pathetico: The Benghazi-Industrial Complex Will the pseudo-scandal be enough to stop Hillary from running? Perhaps if the Republicans can’t beat Hillary Clinton fairly in 2016, they can make her so disgusted by … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Arrives Too Late

Hahvahd Economics Professor Greg Mankiw (via Legal Insurrection): An Unfortunate Broken Promise Back in 2008, when President Obama was running for his first term, he promised to be a post-partisan leader.  While a Democrat, he said he would accept good ideas when they … Continue reading

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If Obama gave a speech and nobody watched, did he make a sound?

Apparently Obama gave a speech today. It was supposed to jumpstart or “reboot” his campaign. I keep picturing his aides yelling “Clear!” as he walked out on stage. This is what we call a total disaster ladies. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary

Matt Stoller at Nekkid Capitalism: Wisconsin Recap: Thanks to Obama, American Left Lies in Smoldering Wreckage On Tuesday, Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker humiliated his Democratic opponent, Tom Barrett, by easily turning back a popular recall attempt sponsored by unions … Continue reading

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President Fanny-Pat schmoozes the sweeties

Obama, Comedian-in-Chief, Woos Women Supporters While the Obama administration sought to convince women today that it is fighting for gender equality, it was hard to miss some of the awkward laughs President Obama’s one-liners brought from the mostly-female crowd gathered … Continue reading

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Where’s the schadenfreude?

Fifteen years ago I would have received great pleasure from this headline: The Coming GOP Gingrich Freakout Today’s question is: will the Gingrich balloon deflate like all the previous Not Mitt balloons? The answer is: yes of course–but given that … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

I was struck by these two headline stories: Clinton, Panetta work to defuse tensions after air strike in Pakistan U.S. officials huddled with Pakistani leaders Saturday to defuse new tensions spawned by an attack that led Islamabad to shut down … Continue reading

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