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Cruzin’ With Ted – He’s Running! (UPDATED: Can He Win?)

I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support! pic.twitter.com/0UTqaIoytP — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 23, 2015 Tomorrow should be fun. UPDATE: It’s 2 am and since I can’t sleep I figured I would share some of my … Continue reading

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Walker Derangement Syndrome – Another Swing And A Miss

Scott Walker sits upon a throne made from the skulls of his enemies. Daily Caller: Websites Forced To Correct And Retract False Stories About Scott Walker Several websites were forced to correct, and in one case retract, stories they published … Continue reading

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Walker Derangement Syndrome

As it says on the hypochondriac’s tombstone, “I expected this, but not so soon.” Reporter Mocks Scott Walker For Claiming To Communicate With God Through Prayer Political Wire publisher Taegan Goddard caught a lot of flak on Twitter after mocking … Continue reading

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This Is Why The Unions Hate Scott Walker

WaPo: Walker’s anti-union law has labor reeling in Wisconsin At the old union hall here on a recent afternoon, Terry Magnant sat at the head of a table surrounded by 18 empty chairs. A members meeting had been scheduled to … Continue reading

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Recycled Stupid Media Tricks – Asking Scott Walker If Obama Is A Christian

From the Obama Post: Gov. Scott Walker: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a prospective Republican presidential contender, said Saturday he does not know whether President Obama is a Christian. “I don’t know,” Walker … Continue reading

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