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It was “Got drunk and had sex and then regretted it later-rape”

It sure as hell wasn’t “rape-rape”. In Not That Kind of Girl Dunham tells us why denial is simpler, at least in the beginning The most remarkable part of Lena Dunham’s new memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young … Continue reading

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Don’t Talk About Sex

Mike Huckabee stepped into a pile of shit this week: Huckabee was speaking at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting Thursday when he remarked: “If the Democrats want to insult women by making them believe that they are helpless without … Continue reading

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But . . . But . . . Female Empowerment?

(Alternate titles for this post: The Sexual Revolution is Over and Men Won, Why Feminism Went Astray, Don’t Be a Booty-Call)) DailyMail: Women who sleep around at university are ‘more likely to become depressed’ Young women who have a lot … Continue reading

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Promiscuity Does Not Empower Women

If you find the advertisement above to be offensive you are a sexually frustrated Republican who wants to slut-shame women because you are a misogynist who can’t stand to see strong, powerful women who are in control of their own … Continue reading

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Sunday Sex Blogging

College Women Reveal Why They’re Skipping Relationships in Favor of a Hookup Lifestyle The skyrocketing hook-up culture, particularly at U.S. colleges, is not a new thing. The anecdotes are plentiful…and plenty lurid. And the idea that the “game” has been … Continue reading

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