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It was “Got drunk and had sex and then regretted it later-rape”

It sure as hell wasn’t “rape-rape”. In Not That Kind of Girl Dunham tells us why denial is simpler, at least in the beginning The most remarkable part of Lena Dunham’s new memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young … Continue reading

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Whose War On Women?

Look who fired the 1st shot in the real "war on women". Hint: it wasn't the GOP. See this excerpt from Hillary's book pic.twitter.com/kKBShf9vHj — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) June 9, 2014 I remember the day that Sarah Palin was chosen … Continue reading

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This Is What Real Misogyny Looks Like

Lisa Daftari at Fox News: Islamophobia in action? ‘Honor Diaries’ screening shut down by CAIR CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is at it again. This time they have succeeded in shutting down a screening of the film, “Honor Diaries,” at … Continue reading

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An Exercise In Futility

Merced Sun-Stroke: UC Merced students participate in effort to end violence against women About a dozen people used their Monday morning to add UC Merced to a global campaign to end violence against women and girls. Students and staff shot … Continue reading

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Promiscuity Does Not Empower Women

If you find the advertisement above to be offensive you are a sexually frustrated Republican who wants to slut-shame women because you are a misogynist who can’t stand to see strong, powerful women who are in control of their own … Continue reading

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Right For The Wrong Reason

ABC News: Indonesia Axes Bikinis for 2013 Miss World Pageant Miss World has axed the famed bikinis from this year’s pageant in Indonesia, replacing the skimpy swimsuits with conservative beach sarongs amid mounting protests from hard-line Muslim groups, organizers said … Continue reading

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Hormones Do Not Cause Rape

Open mouth, insert foot: Chambliss blames military rapes on ‘the hormone level created by nature’ Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) on Tuesday suggested that the “hormone level created by nature” was to blame for rapes in the military and that all … Continue reading

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