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WHEN ASSHOLES COLLIDE – Piers Morgan vs Touré Neblett

Your moment of Zen. This is an open thread.

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Verdict Watch III – The Race-Baiters

Touré Neblett is the idiot son of Al Sharpton. Mediaite: Touré Blasts Race Riot Predictions: ‘O’Reilly And These Lunatics’ Profiling Black Men As Zimmerman Did Trayvon During a discussion on the Melissa Harris-Perry show of the much-rumored outbreak of violence … Continue reading

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When All else Fails, Play The Race Card!

I knowed it was gonna happen sooner or later: Kermit Gosnell Trial: Closing Arguments Set In Abortion Doctor Murder Case During closing arguments Monday, defense attorney Jack McMahon showed photographs of a relatively neat waiting room and other areas in … Continue reading

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“Free Mumia”, or Why Marc Lamont Hill is an Idiot

No, seriously: Happy Birthday to my Brother @MumiaAbuJamal. So grateful to know him, write with him,and struggle for his release from unjust incarceration. — Marc Lamont Hill (@marclamonthill) April 24, 2013 I stand with Mumia and fight for his freedom … Continue reading

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Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Touré Neblett

Via Legal Insurrection.

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The Ugly Truth

Totes Not Safe For Work! I posted this in the comments last night but it’s a slow news day so I promoted it to the front page: On his Friday podcast, comedian and top-rated Carolla Digital podcaster Adam Carolla delivered … Continue reading

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One Year Ago – Trayvon Martin

Touré Neblett: Trayvon Martin: One Year Later, Justice Remains Elusive A year later and we’re still waiting for justice. Trayvon is dead — he would’ve turned 18 on February 5th, but instead, his heart hasn’t beat in a year. George … Continue reading

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