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“Free Mumia”, or Why Marc Lamont Hill is an Idiot

No, seriously: Happy Birthday to my Brother @MumiaAbuJamal. So grateful to know him, write with him,and struggle for his release from unjust incarceration. — Marc Lamont Hill (@marclamonthill) April 24, 2013 I stand with Mumia and fight for his freedom … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

Especially if it is written by Alex Jones. This is an open thread.

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Assimilation Into The Oborg

This is how assimilation into the Borg takes place: How the White House silenced gun control groups President Barack Obama’s gun control agenda is looking more doomed by the day, but gun control advocates still haven’t said a word to … Continue reading

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Weimar Economics

Paul Krugman: Be Ready To Mint That Coin Should President Obama be willing to print a $1 trillion platinum coin if Republicans try to force America into default? Yes, absolutely. He will, after all, be faced with a choice between … Continue reading

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Vote for Zomney

Joss Whedon: “You know, like a lot of liberal Americans, I was excited when Barack Obama took office four years ago. But it’s a very different world now, and Mitt Romney is a very different candidate. One with the vision … Continue reading

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Zombie Kids – the creepiest Obama ad yet

Children ‘of the future’ blame ‘Mom and Dad’ for electing Mitt Romney, sing about Romney letting sick people ‘just die’ A new video from the founders of a celebrated advertising agency features children “of the future” singing about the aftermath … Continue reading

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Why do Vile Progs hate the future?

Mark Steyn: President of the Future One of the reasons why Barack Obama is regarded as the greatest orator of our age is that he’s always banging on about some other age yet to come — e.g., the Future! A … Continue reading

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“I pledge allegiance to Obama”

No, seriously: The Obama campaign has rolled out a new Twitter campaign: “For all”. In it, celebrities and Obama supporters have uploaded images of themselves with their hands over their hearts, pledging to support his re-election bid. The creation of … Continue reading

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Kool-Aid is a helluva drug

Dougie J at Buffoon Juice: I hate myself for thinking this, let alone writing it, but after Obama wins reelection this November, I want to start reading more conservative stuff so I can try to see where they’re coming from. … Continue reading

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Komedy Gold

A young Kossack wants to know what is wrong with her daddy: I don’t understand by Janusdog I grew up in Wisconsin, and I went to undergrad at Madison. My parents grew up in Wisconsin, and went to undergrad at … Continue reading

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Unintentional irony

Buffoon Juice: Divorced From Reality by Zandar It’s finally happened: somebody’s managed to penetrate David Brooks’s neutronium denial shield and impress upon him that the American economy isn’t so hot for the proles at the Applebee’s salad bar, and all … Continue reading

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The Obama-Corzine connection

Hot Air: In other words, Corzine looks an awful lot like the so-called 1% that the Occupy Movement despises.  Democrats, especially Barack Obama, had hoped to ride that class-warfare populism to electoral victory in 2012, or at least ride it … Continue reading

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