Gab Club

UPDATE: New Private Group on Gab “Klown Cafe” (

Looking for TCHer’s on Gab?
Here’s a cheat sheet:


The search doesn’t work on user names in Gab yet, so just plug the user name (without the @) into the url. For example, find me at

@Caro on Gab is very helpful. Here is what she usually posts for newbies:

#IntroduceYourself is great for us to get to know those #NewToGab!

Follow, repost, engage in convos for more followers!

Quick tutorials for #Gab:
* #GabStarterPack:
* Video by Andrew:

Gab insiders include founder Andrew Torba @a, his mom @Amy, Ekrem Büyükkaya @e, official support account @support
um … let me know who else and I’ll add them.

15 Responses to Gab Club

  1. DeniseVB says: A must follow for the #TCH Boyz. He’s so into T & A, but his other stuff is pretty good. So I keep him, #SpeakFreely, even though this granny has to fan herself /snork!

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I joined Twitter in 2009, then spent a few years ignoring it. Intimidating! is so much different. Love it, it’s becoming my Chantrix for weaning myself off Twitter and FB 😉 No, I won’t leave those sites, B-but spending less time there is so much … uh…. healthier. Try it, you’ll like it !

  3. DeniseVB says:

    I’d like to stop the email notifications, so do I just turn them off in “settings”, but still get notified on Gab’s page?

    Yes, paying attention to the 300 characters, I haven’t lost a post since. That would be a nice feature in the future to let them count for me 🙂

    Henry in Texas is behaving today, but his booby/hiney posts still get more likes than his news posts. Lol. Only one tittie shot today, so far.

    If you want to be verified on Gab, you must use your real name ? Saw that in a conversation. They are working on making exceptions. Especially that they will eventually give you a choice to follow verified accts only ?

    I realize this is only Beta, so trying not to bug the Gab team at this point. /scribbles

  4. Anthony says:

    Thought Gab was getting slow or something, but more and more features being added every day.

    One I appreciate most is the “edit” feature after you post. Great for spelling corrections, adding a link that you forgot to add after shitposting (am I the only one who forgets to add a link to what I’m blabbing about?).

    Within the next 2 weeks, pic and gif uploading (no more links to published art necessary).

    ITs turning out to be a really great alternative to Twitter and Facebook

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Just saw this update on Gab, over 40k on the wait list right now! I think all the TCHers are in who wanted in?

    #GabFam, #AskCaro FAQs:

    *There are THOUSANDS on waitlist. #GabTeam working hard to upgrade server to accommodate. Be patient!
    *Verification still being scaled.
    *Many are asking about night/grayscale mode & #GabApp. Here is a preview of both features!

  6. DeniseVB says:

    Going to put this here so I can find it again. Surprised how few Deplorables on twitter have heard of Gab and this is a nice little article from an enthusiastic Gab fan.

  7. Havenmother says:

    Someone please tell a my gab quit working i can figure it out. Password reset doesn’t helpget 500 error everytime

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