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DNC Night III – Obama Speechifies Again

I don’t know about you but if I gotta listen to him talk I gotta be drunk. Tune in early if you want to catch Hairplug Joe – they bumped the Vice Preezy from primetime. Lurch is supposed to audition … Continue reading

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Life isn’t fair

Erika Johnson at Hot Air discusses Elizabeth Warren’s speech last night: There is so much material here, I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just pick out a few key lines and go from there. “We fought to … Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke at the DNC

Sandra Fluke’s DNC Speech Paints Stark Picture of Romney Presidency The Georgetown law student shut out of a Congressional hearing on contraception earlier this year is basking in the glow of the Democratic National Convention‘s prime time stage. Speaking before … Continue reading

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DNC Night II Open Thread

Another night of speechifying, starring the Big Dawg. Between the NFL opener and the Giants/D-Backs game I’ll catch a few bits and pieces. Tomorrow night I promise to watch the whole thing. Maybe. If you’re gonna watch it tonight here’s … Continue reading

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Democracy in action

Jerusalem change made to party platform, over loud objections Democratic delegates narrowly reinstated to their party platform Wednesday the position that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing an omission that had angered some Jewish organizations and drew criticism from … Continue reading

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Call the Wahhhmbulance!

Last night was a goldmine of stuff to talk about. Ed Morrissey: Conventions produce a lot of oddball claims and weird arguments, but last night’s speech by Deval Patrick had one of the strangest I’ve yet heard made. In fact, … Continue reading

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Job Interview vs. Performance Review

Krauthammer On Michelle Obama’s Speech: “I Didn’t Buy A Line Of It” Her whole task was to say why. And her answer was, “Why? Because essentially he’s a saint.” Because of his upbringing and because of his emotions and because … Continue reading

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