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The Blame Game

Ann Hornaday at WaPo: In a final videotaped message, a sad reflection of the sexist stories we so often see on screen As deranged manifestos go, the final YouTube video made by suspected Isla Vista, Calif., mass murderer Elliot Rodger … Continue reading

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Justified Season Finale Open Thread

If history is any guide, tonight’s episode will involve at least one gunfight and a high body count. I’m guessing that Michael Rappaport and Alicia Witt won’t be back next season. Neither will most of the Mexican drug dealers. The … Continue reading

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Justified Open Thread

The last thread was full. Here’s another. NO SPOILERS!!! I can’t watch Raylan and the gang until 10 pm Klown time.

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Are You Justified Yet?

When we first met Raylan Givens he was giving a Miami gun-thug two minutes to get out of town. Then he shot him dead. Since then he’s taken on the Crowders, the Bennetts, the Detroit mob (twice) and he tracked … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad Finale Open Thread

It’s almost over. The thing I’m gonna miss the most will be the colorful characters. Not just the main cast, but some of the relatively minor roles, like Jane, Euell, Wendy, Hector and Gale. That was some inspired writing. What … Continue reading

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Get totally gacked-up on whoop chicken open thread

Tonight’s the night! Where will you watch the Breaking Bad Final Episode? My prediction – Walt gets mortally wounded rescuing Jesse Uncle Jack’s gang in a big bloody shoot-out. Just before he dies Walt apologizes to Jesse. I am unsure … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread

Did anyone else watch the pilot episode of The Blacklist last night? It was pretty good and I’ll need something new to watch until the next season of Justified starts up. American Horror Story: Coven doesn’t sound like my thing. … Continue reading

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