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More Issues Than National Geographic

Checking in with an old friend: Salvage is the story of Parastrata Ava, a “so-girl” on a deep space merchant ship who commits an unpardonable sin. A so-girl is something like an assistant manager but in this case, Ava can … Continue reading

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This Guy Really Puts the “Dick” in Dickinson

The graphic above is an actual tweet from Mike Dickinson, “Liberal Democrat campaigning for the nomination to unseat Eric Cantor in the 7th Congressional District of Virginia!” And there you have it, straight from the front lines of the Democrat … Continue reading

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That They May Be Seen By Others

Daily Mail: ‘C’mon guys, I’m going to church’: Obama dodges questions about Obamacare website deadline as he walks to mass with family U.S. President Barack Obama refused to answer questions about the beleaguered Obamacare website as he walked to church … Continue reading

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Remember when it was really cool that Obama was a Christian?

Mediaite: Virginia’s GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate: Non-Christians ‘Engaged in Some Sort of False Religion’ The Republican Party’s candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, E.W. Jackson, is also a Chesapeake-area pastor. During his Sunday morning sermon this week, Jackson told his … Continue reading

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CNN Isn’t Even Trying To Hide It Anymore

CNN Panelist Calls Mitt Romney A “Religious Fanatic” For Encouraging Mormon Graduates To Have Families Mitt Romney spoke at Southern Virginia University commencement last week. SVU is 92 percent Mormon, so Romney mentioned things Mormons are familiar with like the … Continue reading

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To My Shock And Dismay I Find Myself Agreeing With Bill Maher

Daily Caller: Bill Maher: Comparing violence of Islam to Christianity ‘liberal bullsh*t’ On HBO’s “Real Time” on Friday night, host Bill Maher entertained UC-San Bernardino professor Brian Levin, director of the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism, who maintained … Continue reading

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Gimme that old time religion

Atheism is a religion, too […] This world beats to the rhythm of religion in a thousand ways, and absolutely everyone is religious — including atheists. Religion certainly includes an idea of a God under whom man is inherently subservient, … Continue reading

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If You Ain’t Catholic, STFU!

As was reported earlier today, Pope Benedict XVI shocked a lot of people with his announcement that he was retiring effective February 28th of this year. He says he’s just too old to fulfill his papal duties. That makes sense … Continue reading

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A Post-Christmas Christmas Post

Amanda Marcotte: Relax, Parents: There’s No Need to Put the Christ in Christmas In our age of neurotic parenting, it should come as no surprise that irreligious parents might succumb some to the evidence-free claims of many that children must … Continue reading

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Using religion as a hook

The Other McCain: As you can see, Bashir calls Romney “Mitt the Mendacious” three times. The crudeness of Bashir’s rhetorical method is enough to make Allahpundit pine for “the relative subtlety and understated good taste of Keith Olbermann.” Bashir also … Continue reading

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How A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t happen

Lee Habeeb: The more things change, the more things stay the same. As far back as 1965 — just a few years before Time magazine asked “Is God Dead?” — CBS executives thought a Bible reading might turn off a … Continue reading

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