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On the Seventh Day, God Watched Football

Man Simultaneously Excited For, Dreading NFL Taking Up His Entire Sunday For Next Four Months Admitting to feeling mixed emotions over the fact that his weekends will soon revolve around watching football, local 34-year-old Adam Gebhard told reporters Thursday that … Continue reading

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Politics is Ruining Sports

Bob Costas is the most annoying fuckwit since Jar Jar Binks. Actually, he was annoying before Jar Jar too. Twitchy: Football fans anticipate Bob Costas’ first lecture of the season Thursday night NFL and I forgot about the Bob Costas … Continue reading

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The NFL’s New Domestic Violence Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences

USA Today: NFL toughens its stance on domestic violence NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admits he was wrong on the Ray Rice decision, and Goodell took an important step Thursday towards showing the league is serious about cracking down on domestic … Continue reading

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Some People Are Never Satisfied

William C. Rhoden in the NY Times: A Triumph of Enlightenment … Eventually Too Long a Wait for Michael Sam at the N.F.L. Draft By the time I arrived at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on Saturday, the sixth … Continue reading

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I’m So Excited! – NFL Draft Open Thread

I haven’t been this optimistic about the Oakland Raiders since the beginning of the 2003 season. Last night the Raiders used the fifth pick in the draft to select Khalil Mack, a linebacker from Buffalo, as their first pick in … Continue reading

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

From the Annals of Dumbfuckery: GOP Lobbyist Pushing for Ban on Openly Gay NFL Players Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman is pushing for legislation that would ban openly gay athletes from the National Football League, spurred on by the recent news … Continue reading

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What the Hell is “Armpit Vagina?”

J-Law didn’t win any awards last night, but she still won the red carpet competition: Today’s word of the day is brought to you by none other than the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. OK, so technically, it’s two words, but you’re … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

I realize that a lot of you could care less about football, but this past week has featured some really good games. The Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl Fiesta Bowl and Chik-fil-A Bowl were all great NCAA match-ups. Yesterday there were … Continue reading

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Who does this Clowney think he is?

If the answer is “The best damn college player in the country” then he’s right: Clowney should quit while he’s healthy Jadeveon Clowney does not want to play college football. Simple solution: Don’t. Clowney should hand in his South Carolina … Continue reading

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All He Ever Did Was Win Games

Is Tebowmania over? Tim Tebow had no impact on the field in his one-and-done season with the Jets, but the collateral damage caused by last year’s ill-conceived and misguided trade has left careers shattered — including his own, which may … Continue reading

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Don’t blame me!

In case you missed it: Power Fails and 49ers Surge, but Ravens Win The lights went out at the Superdome during the Super Bowl. Only then did the game really begin. In a sporting event that has had spectacular finishes … Continue reading

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Today is the holiest day of the year for NFL fans. The San Francisco 49ers will be facing the Baltimore Colts Ravens for the Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans. It should be a good game. I really don’t like either … Continue reading

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You Don’t Bring Veggies To A Super Bowl Party!

Taco Bell pulls Super Bowl ad after allegations that it’s insensitive to vegetable lovers Taco Bell has pulled an outrageously offensive Super Bowl ad after a Twitter campaign shamed the fast good chain into doing the right thing. (Except not … Continue reading

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In the end there can be only one

Today is the second-biggest day of the year for pro football fans. Four teams will play today. The two winners will meet in the Super Bowl. In the end there can be only one champion. The early game will be … Continue reading

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All he does is win

I never got into Tebowmania but . . . Tim Tebow won’t be playing for Jaguars next season, new GM says Tim Tebow will not be playing for his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars next season, not if new General Manager David … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

The Raiders play at 1:00 and the Giants play at 5:00. Pray for my liver.

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My Ducats My Daughter Open Thread

The Giants and the Raiders are both on television tonight. One game starts at 5:30 and the other one at 7:15 pm. The Giants are in playoff contention and this is the Raiders’ home opener against division foe San Diego. … Continue reading

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Another barrier broken

Shannon Eastin: First female official in NFL regular-season game Shannon Eastin is in the starting lineup, set to become the first female official in an NFL regular-season game. The 42-year-old has been assigned to work the Rams-Lions game Sunday in … Continue reading

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Elisha Nelson “Eli” Manning When you look at what his dad and older brother Peyton have accomplished, it’s really saying something that Eli outshined them both. He is the hero of little brothers everywhere. This is an open thread.

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Super Bowl XLVI Super Open Thread

The last time they met Eli spoiled Tom’s perfect season. Eli wants a second ring to move ahead of his brother. Tom wants a fourth one to tie Joe and Terry. I want Super Bowl Sunday to be a national … Continue reading

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