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I Guess Obama Gave Another Speech

WaPo: In his address Wednesday to the graduating cadets at West Point , Mr. Obama marshaled a virtual corps of straw men, dismissing those who “say that every problem has a military solution,” who “think military intervention is the only … Continue reading

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The Seven Scandals of Benghazi

This is really starting to piss me off: Pathetico: The Benghazi-Industrial Complex Will the pseudo-scandal be enough to stop Hillary from running? Perhaps if the Republicans can’t beat Hillary Clinton fairly in 2016, they can make her so disgusted by … Continue reading

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Spin War

This is why we can’t have nice things: Don’t listen to Obama’s Ukraine critics: he’s not ‘losing’ – and it’s not his fight In the days since Vladimir Putin sent Russian troops into the Crimea, it has been amateur hour … Continue reading

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The Epic and Historic Defense of Ukraine

Not Ukraine the country, Ukraine the Obama foreign policy failure. Seriously – Progs, Obots and other Democrats are banding together across the internet and the airwaves to mount an all-out defense of a political fiasco. They are throwing everything including … Continue reading

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Tin Foil Tuesday: Is There a Method to His Madness?

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Recessional Does Barack Obama have a strategy? He is often criticized for being adrift. Nonetheless, while Obama has never articulated strategic aims in the manner of Ronald Reagan or the two Bushes, it is not therefore … Continue reading

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Munich Pact II – Changing the Subject

Apparently we have made some kind of a deal with Iran. I’m sketchy on the details and I really don’t feel like analyzing the deal anyway. If you want some wonky dissection of the terms and conditions there are lots … Continue reading

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Arab Spring Becomes Cairo Summer

I told ya so! Is Egypt headed for a military coup? In 2011, Egyptians poured into the streets of Cairo and other cities demanding that the military give up power and make way for a democratic revolution. This week, they … Continue reading

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