Rotherham Open Lamp Posts Thread

Rotherham, abundant in spires, bring extra rope


From our TCH regular Lulu:

If anyone is interested I have some background on Rotherham. My dear friend’s husband is a prof in a university in the north of England not far from the Scots border. It seems that the “Asians” grooming and raping underage white girls are ALL Pakistani so far as they can tell. But rather than being economic, religious or political refugees they move there for the livestyle they can have in the UK and are not poor villager types. They own Pakistan essentially and go back and forth to get their money to live on in the UK and utilize the school system for educating their kids, live in nice western houses, have free western public health services, and run rape rings as a hobby or sideline. They are also in cahoots with the Labour party who they support with money and votes to do as they please only in the UK instead of Pakistan.

Her husband has many students from Scotland. She said they (and their families) have flipped almost overnight to supporting separation from the UK because the current professional politicians and bureaucratic government in the UK is so rotten and evil. The entire UK is in an uproar and the media is only covering part of it and trying to downplay or censor just how furious people are.

She also said that most of the Muslims from the middle east and other Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan are very well to do or wealthy who live in the UK and don’t “work” or they have various enterprises that don’t actually do anything. They invest in real estate or have travel agencies that schedule airline tickets back and forth to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. They don’t assimilate because they don’t have to do so. They are mostly independent economically and buy influence to keep their own culture via friendly public policies which the government has readily sold them to the detriment of everyone else. She claims some of the immigrants are already leaving to go home because of the anticipated blowback. This is her American viewpoint anyway from Cumbria.

I think Rotherham, from various reports, seems to be a tipping point for the Brits. Some have been crediting David Cameron’s tough speech on the “poisonous ideology of Islam extremism” to Rotherham blowback as well as to defections to UKIP by former political allies.

It would be a good thing if the UK finally started swinging the pendulum back to more conservative values. Although probably not as satisfying as seeing some rapist criminal pedophiles & enablers swinging from lamp posts.

Btw, Scotland is voting on independence on Sept 18th and apparently the “Yes” votes has suddenly surged ahead. I wonder if this is connected as Lulu indicates and what the impact on immigration will be if Scotland does become independent.

(Also, it is a pet peeve of mine that the UK calls Pakistanis, Indians, and Middle Easterners “Asians.” I ought to retaliate by calling them all “Anglos” or something.)

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Happy Labor Day!

clown frisk

I ain’t working today.

This is an open thread.

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Dog Days Dumbassery


I am awake only because my neighbor’s car alarm keeps going off.

I was taking pictures of my daughters. A stranger thought I was exploiting them.

The story of a white guy who gets PTSD from being racially profiled as a pervy old white guy by a total stranger.

In First for Court, Woman Is Ruled Eligible for Asylum in U.S. on Basis of Domestic Abuse

What happens when she reconciles with her husband after she is granted permanent residency? Nobody would abuse that law, would they?

Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.

Lolwut? A free drink to the first person to correctly guess the author’s race and profession.

Michael Sam is cut by Rams, falling short in setting NFL milestone

It turns out he wasn’t the gay Jackie Robinson after all.

Last but not least:

That fucking car alarm is still going off.

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LOLWUT Open Thread

I miss those olden day of blissful ignorance when we didn’t know how messed up the world is.

Oh, wait . . . some of us DID know!

This is for Obama:


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Thank Gozer It’s Friday Open Thread


Obama is off schmoozing and fundraising. Why should he be the only one having any fun? It’s a 3-day weekend!


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Obama States The Obvious

President Obama speaks on the situation in Ukraine

ABC News:

President Obama admitted today that his administration does not yet have a strategy to combat the militant Islamic group ISIS that has seized large chunks of Iraq and Syria.

When the president was asked if he would seek Congressional approval for U.S. attacks on ISIS targets in Syria, he responded, “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.”

It’s been obvious for a while that Obama doesn’t have a strategy. He doesn’t have a clue either.

Following his remarks, Obama convened a meeting with the National Security Council in the Situation Room, with Vice President Joe Biden, Kerry, and several senior military advisors.

Since video emerged Aug. 19 showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, Obama has fought back against fresh criticism of his foreign policy, promising to be “relentless” in his fight against the emerging threat posed by ISIS.

Obama, Biden and Kerry – now there’s the foreign policy dream team from hell. How did someone so clueless get to be our commander in chief? I think I know.

Contrary to the fevered paranoid fantasies of the far, far right, Obama is not some Manchurian Muslim candidate who was groomed by powerful and shadowy forces to turn America into an Islamic nation. The answer is much simpler.

First of all, Obama is incredibly arrogant. The “H” in “BHO” stands for “hubris”. If Obama was merely ignorant that wouldn’t be as bad. Especially when it comes to Muslims, Obama thinks he knows more than everyone else because of his childhood and college experiences in Indonesia and Pockistan.

Although stating the truth about Obama’s Muslim roots was deemed racist during the 2008 primary and general election, Obama later admitted he attended a mosque his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, and had gone to a Muslim school for two years. Later, while in college, Obama traveled to Pockistan with his roommate, a member of a wealthy family from Karachi.

This information didn’t come from Infowars or WND, it comes from ABC News:

At a fundraiser in San Francisco, Ca., Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., claimed he had more world experience than his rivals, Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and introduced a new bit of biographical information.
“Foreign policy is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Senator Clinton or Senator McCain,” Obama said, according to the Huffington Post.

“It’s ironic because this is supposedly the place where experience is most needed to be Commander-in-Chief. Experience in Washington is not knowledge of the world. This I know. When Senator Clinton brags ‘I’ve met leaders from eighty countries’ — I know what those trips are like! I’ve been on them. You go from the airport to the embassy. There’s a group of children who do native dance. You meet with the CIA station chief and the embassy and they give you a briefing. You go take a tour of a plant that [with] the assistance of USAID has started something. And then — you go.”

“You do that in eighty countries,” Obama said, “You don’t know those eighty countries. So when I speak about having lived in Indonesia for four years, having family that is impoverished in small villages in Africa –knowing the leaders is not important — what I know is the people…I traveled to Pakistan when I was in college — I knew what Sunni and Shia was [sic] before I joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

This last part — a college trip to Pakistan — was news to many of us who have been following the race closely. And it was odd that we hadn’t hear about it before, given all the talk of Pakistan during this campaign.

So I asked the Obama campaign for more information.

Apparently, according to the Obama campaign, In 1981 — the year Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University — Obama visited his mother and sister Maya in Indonesia. After that visit, Obama traveled to Pakistan with a friend from college whose family was from there. The Obama campaign says Obama was in Pakistan for about three weeks, staying with his friend’s family in Karachi and also visiting Hyderabad in Southern India.

Why is this important?

Obama’s childhood and college experience with Islam qualifies him to understand the Arab world the way someone who attended Sunday school when they were 6 and 7 and then spent a couple weeks in church camp as a teenager is qualified to understand the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Now add to this the years that Obama spent in the pews at Trinity United Church listening to the anti-Semitic views of Jeremiah Wright and hanging around with people like Rashid Khalidi and the anti-Israel/pro-Palestine Left of Chicago.

Total it all up and you have an arrogant prick who doesn’t have a clue standing up in front of the country while wearing an ugly suit and admitting he doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with an existential threat to Western civilization.

He doesn’t have a strategy or a clue for dealing with Russia either. So what is he doing about it?

The President will hit three fund-raisers over the holiday weekend and squeeze in some playtime at the wedding of the Obama family’s personal chef, Sam Kass, and his bride, MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation

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The NFL’s New Domestic Violence Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences


USA Today:

NFL toughens its stance on domestic violence

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admits he was wrong on the Ray Rice decision, and Goodell took an important step Thursday towards showing the league is serious about cracking down on domestic violence as well as sexual assault.

In a lengthy letter sent to every NFL owner on Thursday, Goodell announced enhanced policies and discipline under the personal conduct policy that will result in a six-game suspension for a first offense related to domestic violence or sexual assault and an indefinite ban for a second offense committed by any NFL personnel.

Goodell drew major criticism since the announcement last month that Rice, the Baltimore Ravens running back, would be suspended just two games for striking his then-fiancee at a New Jersey casino and being caught on camera dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator.

“We allowed our standards to fall below where they should be and lost an important opportunity to emphasize our strong stance on a critical issue and the effective programs we have in place,” Goodell wrote in the letter to owners.

“My disciplinary decision led the public to question our sincerity, our commitment, and whether we understood the toll that domestic violence inflicts on so many families. I take responsibility both for the decision and for ensuring that our actions in the future properly reflect our values. I didn’t get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. And we will.”

Goodell’s letter also says the league’s response to domestic violence or sexual assault “will include new elements of evaluation, treatment and family support, as well as enhanced discipline. We will address these issues fairly and thoughtfully, respecting the rights of all involved and giving proper deference to law enforcement and the courts.”

Call me cynical, but I suspect that Goodell’s decision had more to do with public relations than it did with any genuine concern with domestic violence and sexual assault.

I don’t know of anyone who thinks domestic violence and sexual assault are okay. I want to make clear that I am not defending either one. But being against domestic violence does not make this new policy a good idea.

For example, wouldn’t a lifetime ban punish the wives and children of NFL personnel too? Knowing that your husband and the father of your kids will have his earning potential destroyed puts those women between a rock and a hard place.

I have other concerns as well, mostly having to do with proof and due process. Can a player still be suspended if no charges are filed? What if a player is banned for life and then acquitted by a jury? What about the effect of domestic violence diversion programs?

Last but not least, are domestic violence and sexual assault really a problem in the NFL, or is this just a knee-jerk reaction to a single incident?

The problem with reactive policies and laws is they end up invoking the Law of Unintended Consequences.

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