Scariest Sight of Halloween Morning


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Open Thread Thursday, Late Afternoon Beverages on My Lake

That came out pretty cool. ;)

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MadBum the Magnificent!

MadBum mvp002

Last night was incredible!

Madison Bumgarner Rises to the Moment, and Jaws Drop

Now he belongs to history, alongside Christy Mathewson and Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson and Randy Johnson. The pantheon of World Series pitching greats must welcome a new member. Madison Bumgarner burst into the club with a performance for the ages in Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday.

Bumgarner, a bearded left-hander from Hickory, N.C., squeezed the life from the plucky Kansas City Royals with fastballs, cutters and curveballs slung sideways from an arm that had only two days’ rest. Bumgarner, 25, shut out the Royals on two hits for the final five innings, saving a 3-2 victory for the San Francisco Giants and clinching the team’s third championship in five seasons.

“You know what?” said Bumgarner, who pitched 270 innings this season, including a postseason-record 522/3. “I can’t lie to you anymore. I’m a little tired now.”


Bumgarner’s final World Series line sparkles: 2-0 with a save and a 0.43 earned run average, with nine hits, one run, one walk and 17 strikeouts in 21 innings. Add in 15 scoreless innings in earlier victories, against Texas in 2010 and Detroit in 2012, and you get a 0.25 E.R.A. that ranks as the best in World Series history, minimum 25 innings.

How important was Madison Bumgarner to the Giants victory? In the three games he pitched the Giants were 3-0. In the four games he didn’t pitch the Giants were 1-3.

MadBum mvp003

Sadly, from the ratings it appears that many so-called baseball fans missed out on a World Series for the ages. Both teams played like champions, but in the end there can be only one.

It was so close that before the last out I was covering my eyes with the orange towel I had been waving during the game, afraid to watch. But I watched anyway, and it was glorious!

Exit quote from Tim Hudson, the the oldest starting pitcher in a game 7 in World Series history:

“Once I saw him warming up when we had the lead, I knew it was over,” Hudson said. “I knew the big fella was going to get the job done.”

MadBum mvp001

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Isn’t NYC Bastion Of Liberalism??


Video: Woman Endures Endless Catcalls During 10 Hour Walk In NYC

A woman wearing jeans and a crewneck t-shirt walked around NYC for ten hours with a hidden (to everyone else) camera fixed on her. Below is the result, which features a greatest hits of catcalls, like: “Smile!” and “Hey baby!” Also featured is the most infuriating catcall of all: “Somebody’s acknowledging you for being beautiful—you should say thank you!” Ladies whenever will we learn to smile and thank our street harassers?

On the non-verbal side, there’s a cameo by the creepy lingerer who decides to walk right next to you forever like you’re on you’re on a goddamn first date or something.

The PSA, highlighting the impact of street harassment, was put together by Rob Bliss and Hollaback—they explain that the woman, Shoshana B. Roberts, “volunteered to be the subject… For 10 hours, Rob walked in front of Shoshana with a camera in his backpack, while Shoshana walked silently with two mics in her hands.”

Bliss says he wanted to create this “because I think a lot of men don’t understand the collective weight that this harassment causes. They see it as just an innocent ‘compliment’ but are missing the forest for the trees.”

Wait a second – Isn’t NYC a bastion of liberalism?? Aren’t all of us bumpkins and goobers supposed to act more like civilized urbanites?

If you watch the video you’ll see that most of the incidents recorded were nothing more than guys saying hello to a pretty girl on the street. I’m not sure we could do anything about that if we wanted to.

Watch the video and pay attention to who is doing the catcalling. I didn’t notice a single redneck or hillbilly say a word.

Anyway, this is the Feminist Fauxrage of the Week. Enjoy!

feminists gone wild

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Obolacare Open EnROLOLment



Here it is again, that time of year that used to be a simple tradition that’s turned, in the past couple of years, into a week of anxiety and trepidation: Open Enrollment.

I am really grateful that my husband’s employer provides healthcare, and we haven’t been thrown onto the Obamacare Exchange. And looking at the choices we have this year, I can tell that the company worked really hard to come up with plans that both the company & the employee can afford. But there have been changes, and a bigger squeeze on both. I call it the Obolacare Effect.

In our case we get a choice of two traditional health insurance plans, one better and more expensive than the other, and “the new trend in healthcare benefits” – a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Since I was looking at family coverage, I’ll talk about family rates here.

HDHP is where you pay all the costs until your deductible is met, then insurance kicks in and pays their part (80% in network, 60% out of network). How much is the deductible? It depends. In network it’s $3,000, out of network it’s $6,000. There is an out-of pocket maximum, again with different levels: $12,000 in-network, and $15,000 out of network.

To sweeten the deal, the HDHP comes with some incentives – a tax-free Health Savings Account that you can rollover yearly, anyone in your family can contribute to, goes with you if you change jobs, and can be bequeathed if you die. Also you get free preventive care: annual physical, well-woman & well-child care visits, immunizations, and mammograms & colonoscopies.

So if a family were to pick the HDHP, they can expect to contribute monthly premiums slightly lower than the cheaper traditional health plan (for us it would be around $30 cheaper per month) and sock away a bunch of money in an HSA. How much money? The family would have to budget to spend a minimum of $3,000 (in-network deductible) plus the 20% above that, up to a maximum of $12,000, if they were careful and lucky enough to be able to stay in-network. Otherwise they could be on the hook for up to $15,000.

Who would this plan work for? At a guess, healthy young individuals who hardly ever go to see the doctor because they are sick and are careful about not getting into accidents. They can use the HSA to save for when they get older & sicker. I don’t see how this would work for us as a fairly typical family, specially with lab tests for chronic conditions. For us we will go with the lower end traditional health care plan. Even with higher co-pays, it still will work out for less money, fingers crossed and the skies don’t fall.

On the bright side, at least we get the “tobacco-free” rates on our premiums. Heaven help us if they ever start a “chocolate-free” rate.

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When Bacon (prices) Fly


Bacon, food of the 1%ers

I went grocery shopping yesterday, hoping to get some beef. Took one look at the prices and came home with bargain chicken instead.
And bacon? Fuggedabout it.

This is from Cattle Network, Oct 3:

“Several beef, pork and dairy products rose in price during the second half of the year, accounting for much of the increase in the marketbasket,” said John Anderson, AFBF’s deputy chief economist. “As anticipated, food prices have increased moderately – by about 2 percent – during 2014, which is essentially in line with the average rate of inflation over the past 10 years.”
Items showing retail price increases from a year ago include:
sirloin tip roast, up 27 percent to $5.52 per pound
ground chuck, up 17 percent to $4.31 per pound
sliced deli ham, up 16 percent to $5.44 per pound
bacon, up 9 percent to $5.11 per pound
shredded cheddar, up 6 percent to $4.78 per pound
eggs, up 7 percent to $1.95 per dozen
whole milk, up 2 percent to $3.78 per gallon

On the bright and slightly unbelievable side, gas prices are way down. I actually saw a sign for $2.99/gal at the warehouse club gas station. Wow. I haven’t seen gas below $3 since dissent was patriotic.

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Fads Fade

Washington Examiner:

Obama’s youth votes mutinies, ‘disaster’ election predicted for Dems

A prominent Democratic pollster is warning that the election looks to be “a disaster” for Democrats because younger, so-called millennial voters, are abandoning President Obama’s party.

“Millennials could have the definitive impact on the election, and that impact could be from them not showing up,” warned Celinda Lake.

“They look to have the lowest turnout rates right now which would be a disaster for progressive candidates,” she added in an online interview for Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Lake, one of the Washington’s top pollsters, said that younger voters are frustrated with the Democrats and feel abandoned by politics.

“That’s the biggest concern right now for Democrats and progressives in particular, is that millennial voters look very, very discouraged. They don’t think that anyone has particularly spoken to them, anyone has been doing anything for them, it’s a bad economy, it’s expensive education, and all the kinds of concerns that millennials have,” said Lake.

We all go through stages in life. For many of us, the young adult stage includes idealism and activism. Sometimes, social conditions and popular culture team up with the idealism, activism and energy of youth to create a major social movement. When that happens, politics becomes trendy – a fad.

A fad is any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed enthusiastically for a period of time, generally as a result of the behavior being perceived as popular by one’s peers or being deemed “cool” by social media.[1] A fad is said to “catch on” when the number of people adopting it begins to increase rapidly. The behavior will normally fade quickly once the perception of novelty is gone.

The Antiwar Movement of the Sixties was one such fad. I’m not saying that the people opposing the war in Vietnam weren’t sincere, but there are lots of things associated with the movement that really had nothing to do with opposing the war, like long hair and drug use. But if you lived back then and you wanted to be “cool” you had to be part of the movement.

Six years ago we saw another such fad called Obamamania. Opposition to the war in Iraq, Bush fatigue, youthful idealism and a national election were successfully exploited by some savvy marketers to turn an empty suit into the New Pet Rock: Ba-Rock Obama! If you were cool you supported Obama. If you didn’t support Obama, well . . .

When you are young everything seems so simple. Then you get older and you discover that things are more complicated than you thought. “Bring the troops home now!” looks good on a protest sign but then what do you do when Iraq falls apart as soon as we leave?

How many of those 22 year old college students who enthusiastically supported Obama are now 28 year old working parents who are trying to figure out how to fit Obamacare premiums into an already tight budget? As the saying goes, reality bites.

Today’s college freshmen were in junior high six years ago. They aren’t interested in the same stale fad that their older brothers and sisters were into. They want something new. Obama is so six years ago, and Hillary is older than their parents.

Besides, politics is boring.

College provides social opportunities

College provides social opportunities

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