CNN Admits That Cops Can’t Protect You

From the article:

When the shooting started at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last Wednesday, there was an armed deputy on duty at the school — someone tasked, specifically, with keeping the students inside safe.

He was outside when the first shots were fired. And he stayed there for four minutes as the shooter murdered 17 people.

These revelations about the actions — or, more accurately, inaction — of deputy Scot Peterson came on the same day that National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre spoke in front of the Conservative Political Action Conference, making a by now very familiar argument for guns.
“To stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said to applause from the CPAC crowd on Thursday morning.

The problem for LaPierre is that this latest shooting in Parkland, Florida, isn’t an affirmation of that view. It’s a direct rebuttal.

That wasn’t a good guy with a gun, that was a coward with a gun. But Sleezy makes a good point about depending on the police to protect you.

If an active shooter is inside your school, security has already failed. You have to depend on police response time when the bad guy is already killing people. We need to focus on keeping these psychos OUTSIDE with fences, wall, doors, and gates. If the only ways into the school are either locked or protected by an armed guard, that gains you precious time.

Think of it this way, would you rather deal with someone trying to break into your house or an intruder already in your living room?

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  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

  2. foxyladi14 says:

    In case you missed it!!!!

    • Lulu says:

      The Obama/Holder (this is from direct quotes from them via Butt Hag) way of doing stuff didn’t work out and now no one gives a crap what they think because dead children from their cause/effect fail #11974. They’ve been vetoed by MAGA Trump who has to fix all their mess.

    • lyn says:

      She wants brown and black children to be killed by school shooters?

      • Lulu says:

        It seems to be a variation of the Palestinian model. Incite and train to throw rocks, get shot, drowned, blown up, martyred and mums and pop get a check and taking one for the cause. Of course the creeps and cretins advocating this have no children or theirs are in Harvard. The idea of other people’s children being used, f’ed up forever and dying is ok and maybe exciting even. Did you know the original Wonkette is now a self-professed Christian. LOL. She likes martyrs as long as it is someone else and she can make a buck writing about it.

    • Jadzia says:

      My least favorite college classmate. True story. We were on the school paper together.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Broward County Sheriff’s dept. just released a .pdf of all the calls to the Cruz home. Tiny print, looking for my magnifying glass……..

    • Lulu says:

      CYA at this stage is pitiful. He acted out everywhere but his job at the Dollar Store who could fire him. The others, his mom, school, couldn’t get rid of him. He was smart in an idiot sort of way really.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I never called the police on my kids over such stupid stuff, like a tantrum. In fact, the only time I threatened to call the police is when daughter (16 at the time) informed us she was going to Lake Placid for Christmas to stay with a friend (I never met while I was up there a year before). I said no. She said, you can’t stop me. I said fine, let me know when you’re leaving so I can report you as a runaway to the police, I’m required to do that by law so I won’t be held responsible and put in jail if anything happens to you. She never left, but pouted and made herself miserable the rest of school vacation. #Winning !

        • Kathy says:

          Denise..yes. I once removed the distributor cap from my 16 year olds car and her Dad once took her for a walk through at midnight of the homeless shelter downtown. This one tried our last nerve

          • DeniseVB says:

            She turned out fine right? ❤ My kid needs to write a book for the younger generation about all the stupid stuff she did after she left home at 17 for college in NYC, yada, yada, yada, she's doing very well now at 37.

        • Cisco says:

          War stories. ( Never in war but that what we call ’em.)
          911 assignments, disturbance at….
          * He’s, disrespecting me.( Momma about son)
          * She won’t let me watch tv.( Son about Momma)
          * He won’t go to school. ( Momma about son)
          * I don’t want to eat this, I want pizza. ( son about Momma’s cooking)
          I understand exactly what you’re talking about.

        • dm says:

          I never threatened to call the cops on my kids; they did, however, threaten to call them on me to which I said,yes, please God, call them…I won’t have to cook or clean up any of your crap. Funny thing, the cops never came.

          • Cisco says:

            Back in the 60’s a, pardon the expression, egghead from some California university by the name of O.W. Wilson was appointed Police Superintendent.
            At that time he made a commitment that each call to the police, PO 5-1515 for you revolver cops, didn’t have 911 back then, would get a mobile patrol car with a police officer.
            Thousands of call, not enough police.
            And there never will be .

          • 49erDweet says:

            Orlando Winfield Wilson. Remember his policing strategies well! If only communities had more cops! The one flaw in his plan…..too many reports, not enough responders. Ah, yes. He WAS an egghead. Correct but impractical.

          • DeniseVB says:

            LOL, yes, been there too. Always told them, go ahead, I’ll be happy to GIVE THIS ALL UP SO YOU CAN GO TO FOSTER HOMES AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Punked !

    • DeniseVB says:

      I just noticed the make the print bigger “+” thingy on the .pdf. (I really AM tech challenged).

    • Kathy says:

      BUT, they could find something if they looked hard enough..Fl. Has some pretty hinky laws

      • Kathy says:

        I could always think of something to silence disruptive students, because I was older and smarter than them.

  4. lyn says:

    This would be so Russian.

  5. helenk3 says:

    I brought this up from downstairs.
    apparently this cop has a history of not doing anything about the shooter

    • DeniseVB says:

      Hmmm. Adjusting tinfoil, did anyone tell him to stand down? Kinda thinking leftover Obama law enforcement protocol here. Sad, but we did see this before.

  6. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Celebs hate it when you don’t recognize them.

    • NewOrleans says:

      Liz Keen is the most annoying character on ‘The Blacklist.’ If Megan wants to accept responsibility for glorying guns, she should quit the show immediately and donate all of her millions in salary to a worthwhile charity. Yeah, I won’t hold my breath.

  7. jenlyntx says:

    At every big social function, political fundraiser, hollywood get together, court room, government building, etc., etc there are BIG men and women with BIG guns. If guns don’t protect people can I ask WHY? Why do police officers, marines, all military branches, security details, and of course ALL video game, movie and tv heroes carry and SHOOT guns if they don’t protect people? Sort of like why if seat belts protect us and we love our kids why don’t we have seat belts in school buses? MONEY people we don’t want to spend the money. It is real real easy. Metal detectors and men and women with guns protect kids from shooters. Gun laws, laws, better use of laws are really just double talk and nonsense at this point in the game we have too many guns available to the mentally ill and criminal minded to do anything but LOCK, LOAD and SHOOT when necessary. Of course in this case if the parent/guardian, the local police, the FBI, or any of the many overpaid mental health professionals involved had done their job a gun wouldn’t have been necessary to prevent Parkland tragedy. Want to protect kids do what we when WE want to be protected–hire someone with a gun to shoot to kill anyone wanting to hurt us or them.

  8. Cisco says:

    It’s not the guns, knives, bricks, frying pans or what have you.
    It’s the criminal justice system.
    Things not going so well in Chicago/Cook County.

  9. Myiq2xu™ says:

  10. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • Lulu says:

      I got caught by a cop shoving my eldest over the fence to open a (hopefully) unlocked back window when I locked the keys and garage door opener in my car. Two little boys. Me. A fence. Shoving a kid that weighed as much as I did over the fence. I had on a straight skirt and heels. My kid climbed the wall, opened an unlocked window, climbed in and fell head first into the toilet. You could hear the six year old version of “daddy cussing” in the next county.

  11. blowme0bama says:

    Broward Sheriff’s Office and the School District had a policy of not charging crimes as part of an effort for the school district to continue receiving grant money.

    • Cisco says:

      Fully understand.
      In Illinois funding for schools is dependent on student census.
      At a certain point in the school year, early as I recall, bodies are counted, the math is done, and, voliá, here comes the $$$ from Springfield.
      Now, if a student doesn’t show up, just like dead voters he or she is still counted.

    • SHV says:

      “It is important to understand the policy here. Broward County law enforcement (Sheriff Israel), in conjunction with Broward County School Officials (Superintendent Runcie and School Board), have a standing policy to ignore any criminal engagement with High School students.”
      ” Secondly, the 27 minute tape-delay in the CCTV system is not an “accident”, “flaw” or “mistake”. It is entirely by design.

      As a standard Broward and Miami-Dade practice, when school law enforcement need to cover-up or hide behavior, they need time (when that behavior happens) to delete the evidence trail. As such the school policy -as carried out in practice- is more efficient with a 30 minute tape delay affording the school officer enough time to deal with the situation, then erase the possibility of a recording of the unlawful activity surfacing.”

      etc., etc.,…..

    • Lulu says:

      So it was a fraud to obtain grant money to pay themselves illegally based upon fake statistics. RICO.

  12. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • lyn says:

      There are many good firearm training facilities throughout the country, Muthafakka.

    • Cisco says:

      Jackson is confusing his ACTING roles with reality.
      Toe to toe, he’s a big guy, so he could be a tough opponent .
      In a personal combat?
      In 35 years, I’ve been in two. God, I HATE confessing that.
      How many has he been in?
      I mean in real life, not in movies.

  13. Dora says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I saw the duel presser with the hubbies today, had to turn it off because the meda was just shrieking out their q’s all at the same time. We definitely have a media problem 😦

  14. helenk3 says:

    there were 4 armed deputies outside the school and none of them went inside to save these kids.
    what the hell were they being paid to do, sit and eat doughnuts?

  15. 1539days says:

    The left has some good pretzel logic going. A school resource officer does have a gun, but he’s not a cop because the left doesn’t like cops. So, the SRO is supposed to be the cool guy who raps with the students. The thing about teachers with guns is that there’s not a single target for the shooter.

    Most of the gun “controls” being advocated would not help in this case or any other school shooting. Those people want a gun ban, a repeal of the Second Amendment and the confiscation of all firearms not permitted by The State. The NRA learned that every time some “common sense” legislation was passed, the anti-gun nuts would move the goal posts.

    • lyn says:

      The Confederate flag is the most recent example of goalpost moving. When the psychos were done with that, they went for the Confederate statues or any bronze that looked racist.

  16. Venus E. Lee says:

  17. Venus E. Lee says:

  18. Venus E. Lee says:


  19. Venus E. Lee says:

  20. taw46 says:

    Thank god the PD weren’t cowards like the Sheriff’s Department in Parkland.

  21. taw46 says:

    • Lulu says:

      Start defunding until their attitude and performance improves also. Paying through the nose for systemic failure has got to stop. Redo civil service laws from top to bottom. Cause a death and you’re out.

  22. Dora says:

  23. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • Doug says:

      Good point Russ Put a hole in them you can see daylight thru!

    • Venus E. Lee says:

      • Lulu says:

        This line was the new blast fax out to defend the corrupt Democrat cabal that runs that hell-hole of a county next to Miami/Dade and runs a parallel op. The clown of a sheriff is a crony of DWS, Hillary, Bronco, and Nelson. A mentally and developmentally disabled “boy” terrorized an entire school system for years, his mother, and lord knows who else, to keep the criminal stats rigged and the federal grant money rolling in to crooks. Seventeen died (and thirteen horribly wounded) to perpetuate a lie about race and crime. Quick. Look squirrel! It was the NRA! Trump! Rubio! That governor guy! This is CNN.

        As in all things government it will take a while to unroll. The crony stooge school resource officer (who lived rent free in a trailer on the school property and made $100G with overtime) RETIRED rather than answer questions (bet he disappears) or face scrutiny. How do you get this level of corrupt and uttlerly worthless people? You pay them. Very, very well. And they steal, cost shift federal money from the entire county, tax the hell out of locals, and LIE and virtue signal. And get a shit can of a cable network to run your diversion operation starring local connected political cronies to “J’accuse…!” perferabable with their children. If Bronco/Hillary were in office NONE of this would have been made public except for the child corpses and gun control.

    • Dora says:

      Is Joyce Carol Oates still around? She must be 100 years old!

  24. lyn says:

    Whoever writes this shit is nuts.

    • Lulu says:

      This was a sweet and bullied little guy who just was misunderstood. /S
      This is actually a warning to everyone to not use politically incorrect or insenstive language in describing small things such as the murder of children. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED! Shaming is next if it continues. Then social isolation and firings. Then doxxing and flying SJW monkeys in your driveway. This is CNN.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I’m sure the parents of the victims would agree with those UnPC descriptions. Also, I betcha’ kids call each other worse things during the Art of Bullying along with noogies and wedgies.

    • lateblum says:

      I agree that using language such as “”nuts” and “sicko” can be harmful. The labels that people have to deal with are overwhelming.
      I have a daughter who was diagnosed with depression when she was in h.s. She had been the victim of vicious bullying even before that. One of the bravest things I’ve ever seen her do was to tell a former h.s. friend that she was “in a program for people with mental illness” when asked “what are you doing now?”. This took place after she (and I) bumped into this friend at the annual town Fourth of July fireworks display and was years after they had all graduated h.s. I nearly wept when she told me because I didn’t know how that would turn out for her. She could have been bullied all over again on FB or other social media. But this young woman was accepting and ended up inviting dd#2 to her family bbq the next day and for several years afterwards. And never taunted or bullied my daughter.
      I wasn’t walking with those “girls” when dd told her, and the only way I knew what had been said, was when I asked.
      I am also quite aware of the stigma people with true psychiatric illnesses face on a daily basis due to my decades of working in the field. My job was to help them function independently in the real world and many were able to do so. But many are not. And of course, there are those who give up and return to depending, whether rightly or wrongly, on “entitlements”. Just like people without any illness at all.

      • lyn says:

        I’m sorry that your daughter had to face such hate and I agree with you, but CNN doesn’t want us to say nasty things about the shooter who murdered 17 and maimed 13 fellow students. Also, I think we can say nasty things about the Democrat psycho brats who are using this tragedy for gun control. If you want to see Democrat hate and bullying, you should see what people call Trump, Pence and Melania on Facebook. Barron got it too in the beginning, but he’s been out of sight, thank God.

        • lateblum says:

          I’m not talking about calling one person names. What Cruz did was beyond horrible. It was not typical of people diagnosed with mental illness. And now it will be even easier to name-call and mistreat anyone with a diagnosed psych illness. And some people will actually feel it is right and just to do so. And for those with illnesses, their lives will be made even more difficult.
          God only knows what happened. It took years and years of neglecting the symptoms of his illness and his rage, and years and years of victimization for this to happen. No one is innocent in this mess.

  25. Venus E. Lee says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      Can’t wait until he visits some African countries. As they’re hauling him away, he’ll be saying oh, so this is what’s called blackface.

      • Lulu says:

        I want him to belly dance in Egypt. Even better would be Pakistan. India can ship him over. I do think it is fun that he is releasing his inner Margaret. Maybe he will write a book about his compulsion to dance sort of like his mom did about her compulsion to, er, do stuff. He’s done socks, now dancing, next will be hats.

  26. helenk3 says:

    just found this site

  27. Dora says:

    I came across this site which should be a fun read for Bonanza fans. I was one.

    ‘Bonanza’ Cast and Facts – Things You Need to Know

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      When I work at home, I sometimes have MeTV on in the background because you can listen to a lot of the older programs like radio and it deflects a lot of the outdoor noises such as tree trimmers.

      Yesterday, I made lunch and watched this episode of the Bonanza entitled The Ballerina. But like so many – I have a feeling it could not be made today. Or if done, it would lose both its sweetness and its maturity.

  28. Dora says:

    When I read stuff like this, I’m glad I am not young anymore.


    Armed extremist group tried to “radicalize” and recruit students with mental health issues

    As is common with leftist movements, a small cadre of devoted activists will often times organize under multiple banners in order to amplify their message and diversify their recruiting efforts. A few other local organizations that appear to share core membership and strategic goals with this militia group are Serve The People – Austin, Defend Our Hoods – Austin, and Revolutionary Student Front – Austin.

  29. Dora says:

    I love H.L. Mencken’s quote.

  30. taw46 says:

    The punk kid pulls a Dana tweet from 2008 to incite more hatred toward Dana.

  31. Dora says:

  32. taw46 says:

  33. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • elliesmom says:

      The Floridians I know would love it if the kids chose other places to go for spring break- like Haiti or Mexico.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        This year I would think they would love to add NK to their list. They most likely think gulags means seaside resorts and they can meet their new fav Little Kimmy’s and his spooky siblings (well as of today – who knows by tomorrow he could decide to be an only child and have them served for dinner).

    • lyn says:

      Click it and watch it on Facebook.

      A guy tried to rob a Tulsa, OK, liquor store and the women shot him. It is a crazy scene, but it isn’t too graphic. The robber comes back after being shot.

  34. lyn says:

    Gun control has been proven to be a dismal failure in Israel. The Israeli Arab communities are rife with illegal weapons, with some police estimates putting the number of unlicensed weapons in the Arab sector as high as 500,000. Think about that for a second: The most heavily guarded borders in the world and a highly professional Shin Bet are still not enough to prevent criminals from obtaining illegal firearms.

    When terrorists attacked a school in Maalot in 1974, Israel did not declare every school a gun-free zone. It passed a law mandating armed security in schools, provided weapons training to teachers and today runs frequent active shooter drills. There have been only two school shootings since then, and both have ended with teachers killing the terrorists.

    It is an approach that the Americans should take to end the constant slaughter of innocents.

  35. Jadzia says:

    I’m going to tell you the story of what changed my mind about guns. Shortly before we moved to France, I worked on what seemed like a garden variety employment case, a CEO suing for breach of his employment contract. We won a six figure award, but not nearly what we had asked for. About two months after moving to France, and about a month after we moved into our cottage in BFN, that client went on a fishing trip. His body washed up on shore a few days later with a bullet in the back of his head. No one has ever been charged, although it’s pretty obvious who did it: our guy had no enemies, was beloved in the community, solid marriage and family, you name it.

    The other lawyers all had cops and security on them for a while, but I was so far away. I remember sitting there, 7 1/2 months pregnant, in a place where I didn’t speak the language, in a cottage that was basically all windows in the middle of a bunch of fields. There was no law enforcement in the nearby village; the nearest town with cops was about 45 minutes away. I was so scared. I wished I had a weapon and some training, because the bad guys in this story were international “businessmen “, and I was a sitting duck.

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