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Never Again!

Kurt Schlichter at Townhall: Conservatives, Losing One Battle Doesn’t Mean We Have Lost The War I was furious that Thad Cochran slimed his way to victory, but every time we hardcore conservatives lose a battle, it seems a contingent of … Continue reading

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Barry the Bear and the Potemkin Village People

Crummy News Network: Obama, the ‘Bear,’ is loose and trying to reconnect with voters President Barack Obama first said it two weeks ago during an impromptu walk from the White House to the Interior Department and then again during a … Continue reading

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100% Accurate

cons are using some very dangerous rhetoric re: the border problem. "invasion" "hordes" "disease-ridden" these are people. — Oliver Willis (@owillis) June 28, 2014 Oliver is an Obama blogger and a writer for Media Matters. He always has the latest OFA … Continue reading

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Triumph, Conan’s Insult Dog, Watches the World Cup……

Originally posted on Stealth Magnolia:
….in NYC Borough’s Bars ! Triumph ! In all his cigar chomping snarkilicious form ……

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Klown Musings: Monotony Gets The Bills Paid

I had a GMTA moment when I read this article from Kevin Williamson at NRO: The Case for a Boring Man As I was lunching with a few conservative political types earlier this week, the subject turned, as it does, … Continue reading

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This IRS Scandal Has Legs

The funny thing about Teflon is that when it’s new nothing will stick to it, but when it gets old everything sticks. Peter Wehner at the Joe Moneybags Gazette: Obama’s Effort to Dismiss IRS Scandal Backfires President Barack Obama assured … Continue reading

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Barry The Very Special Snowflake

Once upon a time there was a snowflake named Barry. All his life everyone told Barry he was very special. His mother told him he was very special. His grandma and grandpa told him he was very special. His teachers … Continue reading

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License to Kill

Business Insider: Here’s When It’s Legal To Kill An American Citizen With A Drone The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has released a secret Obama administration memorandum detailing the legal justification for a 2011 drone strike … Continue reading

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If you didn’t watch the IRS hearing last night, here are the highlight and lowlight of the proceeding. Up above is Trey Gowdy demolishing Lying Scumbag IRS Commissar Koskinen. Down below is Elijah Cumstain (D-Shitsack) pledging his undying love to … Continue reading

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I Ain’t Buying It

Edward Klein at the NY Post: Clinton bristled at Benghazi deception By 10 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2012, when Hillary Clinton received a call from President Obama, she was one of the most thoroughly briefed officials in Washington on the … Continue reading

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Klown Musings: Rape, Terrorism and Due Process of Law

(Just a short one today) What do Hillary Clinton defending a child-rapist forty years ago and the arrest this week of the Benghazi Squirrel have in common? They were both in the news this week and they both provoked reactions … Continue reading

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So I was surfing the internets on a Friday night and I see this: Obamas: Daughters should try minimum wage President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama agree that they would like their daughters to have some experience in … Continue reading

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Sweet Land of Subsidy

So I see this article at Millions of Americans are paying less for Obamacare than cable Subsidized shoppers on are paying, on average, $82 monthly premiums for health plans, new data from the US Department of Health and … Continue reading

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Progressives Use Censorship to Establish a Monopoly in the Marketplace of Ideas

It all started when George Will wrote a column about RAPE®. Okay, it wasn’t specifically about RAPE®. It was titled Colleges become the victims of progressivism but it talked quite a bit about the alleged epidemic of sexual assault on … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Falling Objects (g = 2h/t2)

Bret Stephens at The Wall Street Journal: The Pace of Obama’s Disasters Was it only 10 months ago that President Obama capitulated on Syria? And eight months ago that we learned he had no idea the U.S. eavesdropped on Angela … Continue reading

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Do Progs Have a Moral Compass?

Is there really such a thing as truth? Do right and wrong truly exist? Or is everything relative? Oliver Willis: Thousands and thousands of Iraqis died because George W. Bush failed to lead. We turned the page on his failed … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Hat Monday – A New Caliphate?

FACT: Wahhabism (Arabic: وهابية‎, Wahhābiyyah) is a radical religious movement or offshoot branch of Islam variously described as “orthodox”, “ultraconservative”, “austere”, “fundamentalist”, “puritanical” (or “puritan”), an Islamic “reform movement” to restore “pure monotheistic worship”, or an “extremist pseudo-Sunni movement”. It … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

I had a rough night so all you get is this open thread. If I feel better later I’ll post something. I was supposed to go see the new X-Men movie this afternoon but I don’t think I’m gonna make … Continue reading

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Just Another Caturday Open Thread

Apparently there is some kind of sporting event taking place in Brazil. I won’t be watching it but thanks to Twitter I will get to follow every unexciting moment as people I follow post tweet after tweet that only make … Continue reading

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In the Dead of Night

Nothing to see here: Back on U.S. soil: Bowe Bergdahl arrives at San Antonio military medical center after five years of captivity in Afghanistan Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl landed on American soil in the early hours of Friday morning after more … Continue reading

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