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Straight talk from Sarah

Palin takes aim at GOP presidential candidates In the immediate aftermath of Monday’s GOP presidential debate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) launched jabs at the entire Republican field, a move sure to ramp up speculation that the 2008 vice … Continue reading

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Monday Night Open Thread

I got the game on so y’all keep the noise down.

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Tea Party Debate Live Blog

Five things to watch in Monday’s tea-infused GOP debate If the duel between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney during last week’s Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library in California wasn’t enough to signify that the nation has entered a … Continue reading

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No, we’re laughing AT you

Remember when making fun of Obama was racist?: Letterman: Wasn’t Labor Day great, folks? Labor Day is now that time of year when Americans take three days off from looking for work. Fallon: President Obama is refusing to give specifics … Continue reading

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Big Dawg to the rescue

When all else fails, call the Big Dawg: Former President Bill Clinton and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are throwing their weight behind Democrat David Weprin in New York’s 9th Congressional district, recording robo-calls that will run Monday and Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Freedom of speech for me but not for thee

Digby: The best political team on television? I can hardly believe what I’m seeing: Breitbart’s creature Dana Loasch is on CNN with Ali Velshi and John King, doing economic “analysis” and critiquing the President’s jobs plan as if she is … Continue reading

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21 more ought to do it

Obama approval rating falls after jobs speech Not only did President Obama fail to get a bounce from his jobs speech to a joint session of Congress, but his approval rating actually declined slightly following last Thursday’s address, according to … Continue reading

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Even his friends don’t like him

Public Policy Polling: Turner poised for big upset Republican Bob Turner is poised to pull a huge upset in the race to replace Anthony Weiner as the Congressman from New York’s 9th Congressional District. He leads Democrat David Weprin 47-41 … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin is sooooo stoopid!!!1!!

“He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two.” Psalm 46:2 That’s this kind of bow: not this kind:

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He’s giving another “Jobs” speech!

Hot Air: A White House official says President Barack Obama will send Congress his new $447 billion jobs bill Monday and speak in the Rose Garden to call for swift passage. … Teachers, police officers, firefighters and others will join … Continue reading

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So much for Rick Perry

USA Today: Rick Perry: I am going to be honest with the American people Like that will ever work.

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Mitt gets coveted TPaw endorsement

Pathetico: Pawlenty endorses Romney Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney for president Monday, praising his onetime rival for his “leadership ability” and the “depth and scope of [his] private-sector experience.” “I believe he’s going to be our party’s … Continue reading

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