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Breaking – Occupy Denver vs. Police

Occupy Denver, law enforcement clash; more arrests underway Denver police have ordered protesters to disperse this evening and are arresting more protesters in Civic Center. At about 6 p.m., they are standing in riot gear with their gas masks down. … Continue reading

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Jonathan Alter channels Sgt. Schultz

Via Legal Insurrection: Obama Miracle is White House Free of Scandal: Jonathan Alter President Barack Obama goes into the 2012 with a weak economy that may doom his reelection. But he has one asset that hasn’t received much attention: He’s … Continue reading

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Coming unglued

Seriously. Via Hot Air: MSNBC Analyst: GOP Sees Herman Cain as a ‘Black Man Who Knows His Place’ “One of the things about Herman Cain is, I think that he makes that white Republican base of the party feel okay, … Continue reading

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Who is Joseph Stiglitz?

I really wanted to stop doing Occupy posts, but this is just too bothersome to me. Last week, I was reading an old blog post of mine from April and poster turned Occupy drone ralphb had the following comment on … Continue reading

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NY Observer: Meanwhile Security group member Brendan Burke, a tall bad-ass looking dude who has been volunteering at the park since the second week, told The New York Observer that there have been “three or four” incidents of sexual assault … Continue reading

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Who started it?

Corrente: In all the Oakland footage I’ve looked at, I’ve seen no evidence of rock throwing at police. Cannonfire: To look at this headline from CNN, you wouldn’t know that the violence was caused by the police Back to reality … Continue reading

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