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Oakland says adios Occupy

Oakland orders Occupy protesters to leave plaza Oakland officials Thursday night ordered protesters inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement to vacate Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, where hundreds of people have lived since Oct. 10 in an elaborate … Continue reading

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Convinced: Obama Can Be Defeated

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been skeptical that Obama could be defeated next year. I also had my doubts that Hillary could get elected because I’d been following HCDS  (and BCDS) for 15+ years. In late December … Continue reading

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I will shed no tears for Qaddafi

But neither will I celebrate his death. Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former Libyan strongman who fled into hiding after an armed uprising toppled his regime two months ago, met a violent death Thursday in the hands of rebel fighters who … Continue reading

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Were her free speech rights violated?

Patricia McAllister was a substitute teacher working for the L.A. School District when she appeared at an Occupy LA rally and expressed some anti-Semitic views. Subsequently she was fired. Because she was a non-union “at-will” employee the termination was legal. … Continue reading

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Character assassination by association

This isn’t as bad as the last volley, but it’s still ugly: Perry Campaign Chartered a Plane Used in Drug-Smuggling Ring The campaign of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, which said Wednesday it had underpaid wealthy donors for use of their … Continue reading

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If you don’t define yourself . . .

. . . somebody will do it for you. Yeah, yeah, I know, FOX hires imposters yadda yadda yadda. The fact is the vast majority of Americans will never attend an OWS protest (or a Tea Party.) They will depend … Continue reading

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I’ve never been to a Tea Party

I’ve never been to an #Occupy either. I will confess that a couple years ago I once watched less than five minutes of Glenn Beck. I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh or any talk radio. I don’t watch network news. … Continue reading

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Replace voting with twinkles?

The New Republic: Occupy Wall Street and the Return of the McGovernites The supposedly anti-authoritarian 68ers helped create a more cumbersome and bureaucratic government in the name of protecting newly minted rights. That affinity is being recreated in Zuccotti Park. … Continue reading

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Karl Marx Would Be Spinning in His Expensive Grave

Socialism works great if people accept the basic premise that they can only have what they need and they need to work as much as they can. Then again, the protests on Wall Street are not socialist. They have essentially … Continue reading

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Herman Cain is pro-choice?

Herman Cain Tells Piers Morgan That He Is Anti-Abortion, Yet Pro-Choice? Tonight, Herman Cain sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan to discuss his stance on a variety of issues. And it would appear that, where abortion is concerned, Cain is … Continue reading

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Joe the talking donkey

VP Biden Wishes Opponents of More Police Funding Had Some Notion of What It’s Like to Have a 200-Pound Man Standing Over Them Telling Them to Submit President Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill would provide roughly $30 billion in aid … Continue reading

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A big wankfestivus with nothing for the rest of us

Walter Russell Mead: The Vain And Empty Rituals Of Protest On The Streets The news that 175 people were arrested over the weekend in a Chicago OWS protest started me thinking about the ritualized nature of left demonstrations. The drums, … Continue reading

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The Wall Street Candidate

Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations Despite frosty relations with the titans of Wall Street, President Obama has still managed to raise far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt … Continue reading

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