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Yeah, they really hate Barack Obama

Don’t believe everything you read on other blogs.

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This is an open thread.

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How’s that “Arab Spring” working out, anyway?

Egypt’s Military Expands Power, Raising Alarms Egypt’s military rulers are moving to assert and extend their own power so broadly that a growing number of lawyers and activists are questioning their willingness to ultimately submit to civilian authority. Two members … Continue reading

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I Got Your Transparency Right HERE!

Well, we knew it early, and we were among the first to express our skepticism about the Occupy Wall Street protests and their city-occupied cohorts. We’ve spent weeks fleshing out the organizers and analyzing the media response. Now comes Team … Continue reading

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Mitt, in his own words (sort of)

Just for shitzengiggles

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Remember this guy?

Meet Edward T. Hall III: Mr. Hall said that he grew up in New Mexico and that both his parents were politically active lawyers who were thrilled that he was pursuing a socially conscious life and was involved in the … Continue reading

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Health Law to Be Revised by Ending a Program The Obama administration announced Friday that it was scrapping a long-term care insurance program created by the new health care law because it was too costly and would not work. Kathleen … Continue reading

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