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Knee deep on a Friday night open thread

I’m watch Lake Placid. Betty White Rules! What are you up to this evening?

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OWS has more Republicans than Blacks

2.4% vs. 1.6%: The infographic in question depicts the results of an internal online survey conducted by Occupy Wall Street supporters at occupywallst.org. The data, compiled by advertising analyst Harrison Schultz and Ford Foundation sociologist Dr. Héctor R. Cordero-Guzmán, were … Continue reading

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Cancel Christmas

Stalin Claus is coming to town. (h/t Verum Serum)

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The Obama-Corzine connection

Hot Air: In other words, Corzine looks an awful lot like the so-called 1% that the Occupy Movement despises.  Democrats, especially Barack Obama, had hoped to ride that class-warfare populism to electoral victory in 2012, or at least ride it … Continue reading

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Palin: OWS has drawn the wrong conclusions

Sarah Palin weighs in on Occupy protesters, posted with vodpod   Sarah Palin at the Florida GOP fundraiser dinner had this to say about Occupy Wall Street: Speaking before a crowd at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Victory Dinner … Continue reading

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Oh no he didn’t! (again)

Hot Air: Nicolas Sarkozy isn’t quite ready to pose in this picture, and Angela Merkel and the president of the UAE are not looking at the camera, but the rest of the leaders are waiting patiently for the photographer — … Continue reading

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The media hath spoken

I said the other day that I’m not going to say anything more on the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain until the case develops further and I’m sticking by that. But I found this post by Dana Milbank to … Continue reading

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